Devontae Booker Skips Practice to Wrestle Gorillas at Hogle Zoo


By Justin Adams

The Utes held their first practice of the week on Monday, but star running back Devontae Booker was conspicuously absent.

While the media initially speculated that the senior running back might be injured or suspended from the program, head coach Kyle Whittingham said after practice that Devontae Booker is perfectly healthy and is actually undergoing a new personal practice regimen.

“Devontae has reached a point where practicing against mortal humans isn’t much of a challenge, so he’s over at Hogle Zoo, wrestling around with some full-grown gorillas,” said Whittingham.

Reporters immediately rushed to the local zoo to see if it was true. Sure enough, Booker was found running around in the gorilla pit, evading, stiff-arming and occasionally laying a devastating hit on the 400-pound primates.

“I like it,” said Booker after emerging from the pit. “They’re pretty tough animals. If I want to be the best, I gotta practice against the best. If a gorilla can’t bring me down, then Pac-12 defenses won’t either.”

Patty Houghton, the director of Hogle Zoo, says she initially opposed the idea, fearing for Booker’s safety.

“Boy, was I wrong,” she said. “Not only is this Devontae guy an equal match for the gorillas, but I’m actually starting to worry that he’s going to hurt them. Gorillas can take a cannonball to the chest and shrug it off, but Devontae Booker is hitting much harder than that. I’m genuinely concerned for the football players that have to try to tackle this guy.”



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