Creepy Videos from the Dark Side of YouTube to get you in the Halloween Mood

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Traditionally, the Halloween season is a time for watching scary movies. The problem is that most “scary” films these days aren’t actually that scary. They have a truckload of jump scares and maybe some shocking imagery and tense music, but they’re also predictable to the point of becoming boring.

Fortunately, there’s something called the Internet. And the Internet has a dark side, where truly unsettling videos are made. If you want to feel disturbed, confused and horrified, YouTube has more to offer than this season’s inevitable run of second-rate Hollywood horror.

1. Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared

At first, this short video seems like a clip from an educational kids show, but it quickly devolves into horror. The channel of the same name has produced several episodes you can find on their channel here.


2. The Remco Doll Commercial

Where does the stereotype for the killer doll come from? Undoubtedly from this long-forgotten commercial that has survived on YouTube.


3. Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Yep, another commercial, but this one was intended to be unsettling. And it is. You probably won’t want to eat ice cream for a while.


4. The Peanut Vendor

This experimental short film from 1933 features a monkey with the physique of Slender-man, a dancing palm tree and a jingle that will give you nightmares.


5. Salad Fingers

Created by YouTuber David Firth, Salad Fingers is a popular animation series. The first episode, which has 26 million views, focuses around rusty spoons. Seems innocent enough. But it’s very unsettling.