Paint the Party Offers Chance for Students to Let Loose, Create Art

Paint the Party Offers Chance for Students to Let Loose, Create Art

By Casey Koldewyn

Have you ever looked at a wall, either in your own living space or in someone else’s, and desperately wanted, for some strange reason, to paint it?

I would bet that at least some of you have had such thoughts and, unless you have somehow managed to find yourself in a position of house ownership, painting said wall would put you in a bit of an awkward situation with its true owner. You might find that desire to paint will not just go away, so you better find something less dangerous to flick paint on before you get yourself in trouble.

Here is where your Arts Pass (a.k.a your UCard) can make itself useful. This Friday, Nov. 13, the group that brought you The Party Kickoff @ UMFA earlier this semester is hosting another event, this time in the Emma Eccles Jones Fine Arts House Basement, located in Officer’s Circle building 607.

In case you missed out on the first event, The Party is a program run through the U’s College of Fine Arts to help students engage with art opportunities all over campus with other U students.

The Party Kickoff was an odd yet effective combination of art museum and dance party, including a DJ playing music so loud the beat permeated the UMFA, shaking it entirely.

This event, labeled Paint the Party, promises a different kind of excitement; instead of wandering through an art museum, looking at art produced by other people, you can become the artist. Props from Studio 115’s recent performances of “Good Kids” have been appropriated, among other assortments of lumber, furniture and wall-to-wall paper, to be used as canvases. Paint will be provided, but any fume-free paint is welcome to join the fun as well.

As long as you have an Arts Pass, the event is absolutely free. Enjoy releasing any pent-up painting desires, in addition to any school frustration you may be feeling, as the semester slowly but inexorably nears Finals Week.

This event will take place from 8 to 10 p.m. today, Nov. 13, in the Emma Eccles Jones Fine Arts House Basement located at Officer’s Circle building 607. Paint the Party promises to be a great way to start your second November weekend, so don’t miss out!

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