Plazafest to Feature Performances by Talia Keys, Soft Limbs


Student clubs and organizations gathered together for Plazafest January 8, 2016 in the Union Ballroom | Chronicle archives.

By Casey Koldewyn

The beginning of the semester can rarely be described as something to look forward to.

With all the stress of new classes and forgotten study skills, fun activities just don’t seem like an option. To combat this start-of-the semester slump, ASUU and K-UTE Radio are putting on a concert from noon to 2 p.m. on Wednesday to coincide with Plazafest.

Featuring new music by local artist Talia Keys and band Soft Limbs, there is little doubt this show should provide a fun and engaging break from school.

Talia Keys

You may have seen this musician jamming at local bars and nightclubs like Fats Grill. Students looking for an interesting mix of genres to contrast pop radio music are in for a treat with this self-described “funky blues-soul-reggae-rock n’ roll, with an occasional splash of folk/old time country” artist. She will perform music from her most recent album, released in July, “Fool’s Gold.” A self-described activist, Keys uses her music to promote messages for human rights and environmental protection.

“Music is very healing,” Keys said on her website, “If I can inspire just one person a show, I feel I am doing something right!”

If you want a sneak peak of what’s in store at this week’s show, visit

Soft Limbs

Soft Limbs feels a little differently than Keys about their work. Band members Alex Duran (synths, guitar/bass and vocals) and Curtis Pettygrove (drums), state in multiple interviews they don’t take themselves too seriously. Duran has been described “as a wyvern constantly changing colors while traveling the universe, eating planets and feeling unsure, mixed emotions about it.”

You may have caught the band in action at Diabolical Records. At first the band just wanted to see if KUTE would play a song or two from their new album, Small Village Rumors. Due to technical difficulties with the radio station’s website, Duran went a slightly different route.

“I tried a different email that was under booking and thought, ‘Why the hell not? I’ll send them an email of our album and also mention about being Interested in playing a show.’”

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