The Best SLC Thrift Stores to Keep Fashion Vintage and Your Wallet Happy


Salt Lake City is a great city to find local businesses of every kind to accentuate everyone’s unique way of living. The thrift stores scattered throughout the city are some of the best.

While many of these kinds of stores are going or have gone out of business, there are still places to get cheap and styling clothing, while also contributing to some of the charitable things these organizations do.


iconoCLAD (414 E. 300 South) is one of the most popular thrift stores in Salt Lake, if word of mouth is anything to go by. If you visit the store, it’s easy to see why. Unlike other thrift shops, where customers often wade through piles of low-quality clothes, iconoCLAD is more selective, ensuring their customers have the best range of affordable clothing.

Cory Wayman, a freshman in sociology and a regular customer, said he loves iconoCLAD for their unique assortment of clothes.

“I like clothes that tell a story and have a sense of character. I’m always mixing up my style, and iconoCLAD helps me out,” Wayman said.

There is always great music playing, and the store cat is always happy to greet customers at the Fun Dumpster, a bin from which customers can choose an accessory with every purchase. This great environment, along with benefits for donators, is among the reasons that iconoCLAD remains one of the top thrift shops in the area.

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Very similar to IconoCLAD, Decades is a thrift outlet off of State Street that specializes in vintage clothing. Their selections range from old Christmas knits perfect for that annual ugly sweater party to gorgeous antique bridal and formal gowns. The store is very quiet and not quite as focused on “hip” fashions as iconoCLAD, but they have something for every style and every occasion imaginable.


While perhaps not as “trendy” as the first two stores, Crossroads Thrift, located just west of 900 East on Indiana Avenue is unique because it doubles as a community center. The thrift store is part of a much broader organization that assists Utahns with low incomes, disabilities or other financial struggles. They have both the thrift store/community center and an emergency food pantry associated with their headquarters. If you are looking to simply donate rather than dress, Crossroads is the place to give back.

Now and Again

Now and Again, at 207 East Broadway in downtown Salt Lake City, is unique because they focus more on affordable furniture than clothing. Due to their specialization, they always have high-quality options, whether antique or locally made and have been voted City Weekly’s “Best in Utah” for Antiques and Collectibles five years in a row. Now and Again partners with a vintage clothing boutique on its lower levels for its less furniture inclined customers.

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