Update: Power Outage on Campus

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At approximately 11:19 a.m., the power to several buildings on campus went out. This was an unplanned occurrence and Rocky Mountain Power worked quickly to resolve the issue.

There was a planned outage in two of the housing buildings. Buildings 821 and 822 were transferred from an old utility infrastructure to a new system.

“This was not connected or correlated with the main power outage that happened on campus,” says Barb Remsburg, Housing & Residential Education Director.

At roughly 12:19, power was restored with full network services restored at approximately 1:30.

There was a technical problem in the substation near Fort Douglas. This substation supplies power to the University of Utah substation located behind Rice Eccles Stadium.

“This was not a planned outage,” says Dave Eskelsen, Rocky Mountain Power spokesman. “This was classified as a ‘loss of transmission’ and affected many neighborhoods surrounding the University. Approximately 3,500 residential customers were without power, not including those at the University of Utah.”

The Hunstman Cancer Hospital was on generator power for approximately two hours during the outage. Patient care was unaffected and the hospital has since resumed on power from the grid.

If your building or area is still without power, please report it to Rocky Mountain Power at 801-581-7221.