Freaky Awesome Student Perks: Halloween Horror Nights

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Being a college student is a lot of work and certainly has its downsides (i.e. sleepless nights spent pouring over those dreaded 20-page papers), but enrollment at the U also has its perks. This time, U students can take advantage of discounted tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, an annual event designed to “taunt, terrorize and torment guests” with frights and thrills exclusive to the popular amusement park.

So, if you’re following the Utes out to L.A. for the U vs UCLA game this weekend, this is definitely a deal to take advantage of.

This year’s lineup includes several all-new terrifying mazes, an Eli Roth terror tram and various scare zones. Themes for each experience are based on various horror movies and TV shows, including:

Exorcist: The Possession of Regan MacNeil: This maze ushers guests through some of the film’s most unforgettable scenes. Universal Studios Hollywood promises “unparalleled terror – as if [guests’] very souls were possessed by the devil. All senses will kick into high gear as guests experience every iconic levitating, head-spinning, vomit-wrenching, skin-crawling moment from the film.”

American Horror Story: Universal Studios brings this Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning television series to life as guests are put in within scenes from its terrifying first, fourth and fifth installments.  

Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield: This twisted maze will shed new light on the terrifying lunacy of Michael Myers as he scours the streets of Haddonfield and stalks the halls of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital in ruthless pursuit of victims.

Freddy vs. Jason: Inspired by the 2003 film that brought together two of the biggest icons in horror history, this new experiential maze will thrust guests into an epic battle between Freddy and Jason and a showdown in which the fate of only one mass killer will survive.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers: This maze will pit guests against the “unsavory wrath of demented killer Leatherface and his mentally unhinged brother ChopTop as they unite in misery to expand the family’s cannibalistic enterprise.

Krampus: The dead of winter sets the stage for the terror that’s about to unfold one cold, dank and dreary Christmas Eve as the fabled anthropomorphic, horned creature emerges to terrorize those devoid of holiday spirit. Guests will navigate the dysfunctional Engel family home to encounter the evil ancient spirit of Krampus – the ominous shadow of Saint Nicholas – and his band of Dark Elves and sinister Gingerbread Men.

The Walking Dead: This long-awaited zombie maze will be here to stay as a new daytime-permanent attraction. At Halloween Horror Nights, however, scares are elevated with more walkers and effects [creating] a no-holds-barred experience that significantly intensifies any other iteration previously developed within the theme park. […] With highly recognizable props replicated from the series, the attraction delivers an uncompromised realistic environment that brings guests even further into the most-watched show in cable television history.


The park is also offering an “After 2 p.m. Day/Night Combo” ticket which allows guests to enjoy popular attractions such as “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” by day and remain for Halloween Horror Nights in the evening.

If you can brave (or stomach) these terrifying mazes and attractions, you can find the discounted tickets at You must have a valid school-issued email address to purchase tickets.

Halloween Horror Nights is open 7:00 p.m. to 2 a.m. Upcoming event dates are: October 20-23 and 27-31, concluding November 4 and 5.

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