Costume Coppin’: 2016 Halloween Costume Preview

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The word Halloween elicits several childhood memories for most people, but Halloween doesn’t always end there.

In college, Halloween is an active holiday that is celebrated through house parties and on-campus events. Employers throughout the city will also encourage the use of a costume while on shift. Chipotle will offer $3 burritos to anyone who comes in with a costume on Oct. 31. Whether you are looking to party it up, spook your classmates or simply enjoy a cheap burrito, your choice of costume is important; might as well like what you’re wearing to all these places.

Before proceeding further, it is crucial to understand that this year being a clown for Halloween is unacceptable. Though you may have been raised to believe Halloween is that one day where you can be whoever you want, clowns are a big no, for one huge reason. In case you missed it, this is because of all the random clown sightings from people who are just trying to terrorize the common folk. Some have even been seen with threatening items and just causing unneeded havoc around various towns. There have been a few rumored sighings in the Salt Lake area specifically. It will be hard to distinguish those looking to scare others from those innocent clowns who just want a memorable Halloween, leading to the possibility of attacks. Best to avoid clowns, really.

Instead, try out one of these hottest costumes this season.


“Suicide Squad” may or may not have lived up to expectations, depending on who you ask. But the costume and pop-culture revival it brought for its two iconic villains is undeniable. Harley Quinn’s sleek red and black works well for those looking to stand out in a crowded room, while the Joker’s green hair and charismatic make-up will win you stares from onlooking citizens and party-goers. It’s also the closest look to that of a clown without actually falling into that realm. It’s a common costume, no doubt, but the gangster twist that Suicide Squad brought to the screen should be fresh enough for this year.


2016 brought great films and music and games. But few media has had as great of an impact in the pop culture world as has the introduction of Pokemon Go. If you don’t know what it is by now, you don’t deserve to; it’s everywhere at this point and that probably won’t be anymore true than on Halloween night. Ash is a relatively easy costume to pull off, as it is comprised of fashionable yet accessible clothes that you could likely find in your local thrift shop. It’s also very popular and people will quickly pick up who you are, allowing you to avoid those awkward questions of, “…And what are you supposed to be again?” Pikachu will also lend itself to a low budget, as the ears can be homemade and yellow attire is the only other essential item to represent the electric creature.


With Election day getting closer and closer as Halloween approaches, why not represent one of the people who helped shape our country? It’s a classic choice but it’s also a fun one. Whether it be Lincoln’s beard or Washington’s wig, it’s sure to be a costume that will stand out in group pictures. As a bonus, neither costume would prove too difficult to assemble. For a spin on the costume, you could go as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, or maybe even a zombie Washington.



There’s something about the year 2016 and nostalgia with everyone reminiscing about the 80s. Why not use that to your advantage? If you’re looking to save up some money this Halloween, yet have a stylish and recognizable costume with your partner, why not go with the John Hughes’ classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?” Ferris Bueller requires a specific leopard pattern vest (which is readily available all over the internet) and the rest is casual clothing with a varsity jacket and some gray pants. Sloane’s costume is even more simple and can be replicated with white fringe leather jacket and boots. People will be able to tell who you are as a couple. If they don’t, they should really be watching the movie on Netflix instead of whatever clearly unimportant things they are doing.


Deadpool – Wearing a mask for the whole night might be exhausting, but no other superhero really thrilled audiences quite like Deadpool did back in February.

Flo from Progressive/Jake from State Farm – These two costumes won’t be too hard to pull off (especially Jake) and almost everybody has seen at least one commercial referencing these characters. It’s a funny idea that will be sure to strike up some fun conversations.

Willy Wonka – This year, we had to say goodbye to a classic actor in Gene Wilder, so why not celebrate his life by representing his most iconic role on the big screen?

Waldo – This is a classic and can even work as an icebreaker for any Halloween conversation. Plus, being Waldo from “Where’s Waldo” will give you a legitimate excuse for ditching a party early. Someone’s gotta ask where Waldo went.

Zombie Cheerleader – Football season is upon us and aligns with Halloween festivities, so it wouldn’t be hard to put a little mix on a classic costume and create something that is pretty relevant during this season.


Eleven from “Stranger Things”: If you haven’t watched “Stranger Things” yet, please do. The show’s fan favorite would win any costume contest this year if done right. A pink dress, a blond wig and a used denim jacket will clearly tell people who you’re trying to be. Well, the important people, anyway.