Obituary: Thanksgiving Holiday Remembered


The Thanksgiving Holiday passed away this week on November 1st. Its death was marked by a sudden explosion of Christmas decoration, marketing, music, and advertising on the day following Halloween. Those close to the holiday of gratitude say that it has been struggling for years, battling the slowly expanding Christmas season, increasingly overshadowed by Black Fridays that begin earlier and earlier each year, and of course the dwindling popularity of the NFL, a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition. The recent surging popularity of “pumpkin spice” gave Thanksgiving a few more years of life, but in the end it wasn’t enough to preserve the holiday.

Those who were close to the holiday say they will remember it as a decent one. Definitely not their favorite, but at least there was a lot of food. Grandma’s turkey was a little dry last year though.

Thanksgiving is survived by its much more commercially successful relatives, Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day.


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