A Brotherhood Beyond Swimming

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A Brotherhood Beyond Swimming

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Two brothers who love to swim and who have an unbreakable bond are why Calvin and Nolan Rogers both ended up at the University of Utah.

Nolan, who is finishing up his final year at the U, claims that his younger brother Calvin followed him here from California.

“When I was getting recruited, I was only getting recruited by a couple of schools, and they were smaller schools,” Calvin said. I wanted the elite level of competition. So when the coaches talked to me I thought this would be the right decision, and I had just heard positive things.”

As the Utah swim and dive team transitioned into the Pac-12, both Calvin and Nolan feel like positive things have happened to the program.

“We have just about everything you could want out of a program as far as facilities, supporting, and funding”, Nolan said. “I think we’re moving in the right direction. Every year we’re starting to get better and better, so within the next few years we’ll definitely be competitive.”

Nolan swims breast and IM, and Calvin swims distance free. They feel like this gives them a competitive edge.

“We swim different events, but it has helped us become who they are and has helped us grow into becoming better athletes just because we’re always pushing each other,” Calvin said.

Both Calvin and Nolan give high praises to the coaching staff but agree that it’s been coach Michele Lowry who has helped pushed them to become their best swimmer.

“We’ve both worked with Michelle, and she’s an intense human being, but she has the swimmers’ best interest in mind,” said Calvin. “If you can learn to buy into what she’s selling, you’ll do well.”

Nolan agreed that she can be intense, but he knows that it’s for the best.

“All her athletes have done well here. She has an intense mentality, but she’s also very encouraging,” Nolan said. “She’s been the biggest mentor I’ve had here — her work ethic, her positivity and her attitude towards everything — not just in swimming, but in life in general and school.”

The relationship that Calvin and Nolan have is something they’ll never take for granted. As Nolan’s college career winds down they two are enjoying every moment they have together, and the fun Calvin and Nolan have carried over outside of the pool.

They’ve been competing with and against each other since they were little. Their parents got them involved in various sports ranging from hockey, basketball, and baseball, but it was swimming that stuck.

Nolan wants to attend seminary to study pastoral work, and he wants to continue to be involved with athletes even after he steps away from swimming competitively.

“Athletes are a cool group of people to work with,” Nolan said. “Sometimes a challenging group of people, but if I could do that after I’m done with this, I’d be stoked to do that.”

For Calvin, it will be a new adventure once his older brother sets out on his new life.

“I’ll find someone else to compete with,” Calvin said. “I’ve always been good at finding hobbies, and I love to compete with other people. It’s going to be different since this is the last year we’ll be competing together. It’s been a journey.”

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