Mind over matter, prescribed drugs cause more harm than good

By Brook Williams

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Pharmaceutical drugs are a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze America with their increasingly fast development. The medical industry is constantly coming up with new drugs to prevent things such as hair loss, sweaty armpits, weight gain, bone loss, wrinkles, etc. Any natural human bodily function you think is unpleasant can be fixed. In fact, we can fix it with just one small pill. That’s right. You hate that you’re getting older? You’re not satisfied with your sagging arms or growing belly? Well, no worries. This one tiny pill can turn your life around.

Turn on the TV, and low and behold there’s a commercial spokesman introducing the new medication that “prevents the urge to smoke, although it may cause side effects such as depression, anxiety, foaming at the mouth, the urge to jump off a bridge, divorce and possibly the growth of a third arm.” But guess what? There are other drugs to help decrease those side effects too, so load up your cabinets people, because anything you need to cure your body is right at your fingertips.

The ironic thing is that these drugs can “fix” just about anything in our bodies, but when it comes to fixing our minds we’re out of luck, we’re on our own. There’s no crutch to help an unhealthy mind. The irony about this drug epidemic is that over recent decades, there has been a parallel between the large availability of pharma drugs accompanied by increases of emotional and intellectual disability over time.

It’s no wonder why America has a raging drug epidemic. Media makes pharmaceutical drugs seem like the new candy. I like to use “Alice in Wonderland” as an analogy for the pharma industry. Take a bite of this cake, or rather pill, and you can grow 10 feet. Drink this potion and you can lose 20 pounds.

The drug that really gets to me is Adderall. I have spoken with friends who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and have been prescribed Adderall or Ritalin. These friends have also taken cocaine. They compare the two and experience hardly any differences except for one — the fact that one is legal, and it is being forced down kids’ throats so they can sit still in a class all day while keeping the drive to learn and get their work done. I’m not saying that Adderall is bad, but pharmaceutical marketers need to be more transparent with what is actually in these drugs and the high risk of addiction that accompanies them.

Americans are having a hard time dealing with the natural dysfunctions of their bodies, and instead, they are turning to drugs as an emergency escape, an immediate gratification or cure. It seems to me that there’s a veil between the drug world and the natural world. Influences, like the media, are pushing the idea of pharma drugs onto people, which is masking the fact that we can naturally cure our bodily dysfunctions. We can do this by meditation, yoga, working out or by using our own bodies and healthy eating as a tool for recovery.

It seems as though Americans are all cheating the reality of daily living by taking synthetic prescriptions to keep our sanity and health in line. I believe it is important to try our best to use organic substances to maintain our health. The pharmaceutical industry also needs to disclose all the facts and risks of taking prescription drugs and not lie and fudge the outcomes of clinical studies for monetary gain.

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