It’s Good to be King of Our Own World

By Brook Williams

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If you haven’t heard “It’s Good To Be King” by Tom Petty, this song explains one of the most valuable lessons in life — we create our own destiny. This song is meaningful because it discusses how we not only create the world around us, but how our minds can create our perspective, motivation and happiness. Petty’s music repeatedly discusses creating our own realities and being able to craft a beautiful life for ourselves.

This song reminds me of my favorite law to live by — the law of attraction. Going along with how the song discusses creating our own destinies, the law of attraction teaches us how to do just that. The law explores how we can control what we want in life, and it explores how we can get it through manifesting and seeing what we want in the future. It is all about practicing positive mind control and honing positive energy.

An extremely influential actor, Jim Carrey, claims that he used the law to become the famous, powerful person he is today. In many interviews, he talks about how he would visualize his future and manifest the things he wanted every day. His thought is that, “we are creators, we create with every thought, every word. Every moment is pregnant with the next moment of your life.” Carrey then discusses how we have the ability to attain anything we want in the world as long as we can send a “rocket of desire out into the universe.” Carrey did something out of the ordinary to manifest his fame — he wrote a 10 million dollar check out to himself for 10 years in the future, and he kept it in his wallet. His philosophy is if you imagine what you desire is out there, and most importantly what is going to come your way, you will receive what you have been manifesting.

Another influential person, rapper Big Sean, also claims to live by this law. He preaches about the law of attraction in most of his rap music. “Damn near everything we can think, is real, and it’s not we can create it. See, that’s the gift we were given — to evolve, advance, create. God just wants to see us be happy.” It is interesting because a large number of successful artists live so religiously by this law, and they claim that it is the reason behind their success and fame. One of Big Sean’s most famous songs, “One Man Can Change the World,” tells the story about his experience with the law of attraction and becoming one of the most well-known rap artists. So many different roads to success start with the law of attraction and positive mind control.

I think it is so important that this law becomes better known. Clearly, people who practice it achieve what they want and continually preach about the abundance of success it brings to their lives. It’s good to be king of our own little world and create our own destiny. This mindset only generates positivity and peace, and that is why it needs to be practiced by more people.

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