Art & Chill: Make Time for Utah’s Local Festivals


Kiffer Creveling

The historic Rio Grande Depot hosts the Winter Farmers Market in downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday, January 30, 2016 (Kiffer Creveling, Daily Utah Chornicle)

By Madge Slack

As many know, Cedar City is festival city. Salt Lake City, however, holds its own with a series of fun festivals. These festivals can be a perfect date option.

The average festival admission cost is anywhere from $10-20 to get in, and many offer student discounts. Once inside, there is something for everyone. There are new foods to try, concerts to enjoy, and there is always something new to experience. Plus, with so many different festivals, everyone can find something they like.


This year, the Lantern festival happens on Sept. 23 at the Motorsports campus in Grantsville. It is a little out of the way as you need room to light thousands of lanterns at once. It is the perfect place to live out your “Tangled” fantasies and maybe sneak a kiss under all that mood lighting.


This festival happens the second week of every month all summer long. It is the perfect place for experienced and aspiring crafters alike to talk shop and compare notes. Doesn’t sound like a great date? Think about it this way, if you have been dating someone a while and want to try something new, then this festival is like a two-in-one special. Not only do you get a date out of going to the festival, you can get a second out of making something together with what you learned at the festival.


This festival in — you guessed it — October is inspired by the festival by the same name in Germany where they put on lederhosen, drink beer and eat giant pretzels. Nothing wrong with that, and America has adopted it. The festival takes place at Snowbird which makes it feel a little the Swiss Alps, and you can imagine you and your date are in the “Sound of Music.”

Utah Shakespeare Festival

Maybe you prefer something more cultured than beer and trucks. Well, the Utah Shakespeare Festival is nationally acclaimed. It puts on a variety of shows every September at the Southern Utah University campus. Don’t like Shakespeare? It also performs musicals and contemporary plays.


The pride festival is held in June every year. Here, everything is rainbow and welcoming, and drag queens perform on stage in fabulous costumes.


The Arts Festival is held in the library square in late June between the Leonardo and the Salt Lake City Public Library. It features new works and up and coming artists. This festival is especially fun as you can get unique one of a kind trinkets that are often hand made by the person selling them to you. What better way to remember a date?

Country Fan Fest 

Now we begin to venture slightly outside of Salt Lake City. This festival is in Toole, Utah. It features 20 country artists, and people will often camp out to get there early. Go do some line dancing for a change and have fun with a bunch of rowdy cowboys.

These are just a few of the local festivals happening in and around Utah, not to mention the frequent rodeos, circuses and haunted houses. There is no end to the creative date ideas.

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