Williams: Another Eye-Roll for Trump’s “Efforts” In Houston

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Williams: Another Eye-Roll for Trump’s “Efforts” In Houston

By Brook Williams

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Trump’s most notorious habit when anything significant happens in the U.S. is to run to his iPhone, jump on his plush white bed and immediately formulate an assortment of poorly constructed tweets. Well, guess what, Trump, Hurricane Harvey is one disaster that you can’t tweet your way out of. Except, oh wait, you already did. “Good luck to everybody!” was the extent of Trump’s response on Aug. 25 — the day the hurricane made landfall — when a reporter asked for his message to the people of Texas.  Similar to his tweets over the past few days, his message showed his familiar air of pomposity and self-impressed arrogance.

To Trump, this hurricane is really, really big. “Even experts have said they’ve never seen one like this!” says his Twitter. Trump’s obsession with the size of the hurricane shows yet another case of his competitiveness towards past presidents and his eager attempt to reassure everyone of his ability to “make America great again.” Hurricane Harvey seems to be not only a natural disaster to him, but an opportunity to display his flamboyantly courageous attitude and “determination” to save lives. His attempt to inspire the people of Texas in a “hands-on” kind of way failed miserably. In fact, he barely lifted a finger to help. The nearest he got to the most devastating parts of the flooding was his short drive from the Corpus Christi airport to the firehouse along Interstate 37, where his speech was held — not much of a visit.

According to his, you guessed it, Twitter post, “After witnessing first hand the horror & devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, my heart goes out even more so to the great people of Texas!” If by “first hand” he means gazing out the window at the destruction during his short drive and once again resorting to Twitter to show his compassion, then it seems to me the only “first hand” involvement here were his two hands ferociously typing his tweet from inside his heavily protected limo.

Let’s not forget Trump’s attempt at an inspiring and empathetic speech to the people of Texas. I’ll put it simply, imagine one of his famous campaign speeches, combined with a dash of reassurance that things will be okay and a sprinkle of chit-chat about the appreciation of his administration’s response to the hurricane. “What a crowd, what a turnout,” Trump said, giving praise to the crowd that showed up to support him. He treated the situation more as a political photo-op rather than a humbling opportunity to help and empower others.

In comparison to how Obama handled things during hurricanes and other natural disasters in his administration, Trump has made a pretentious fool of himself once again. When hurricanes struck the U.S. during Obama’s presidency, he and his entire family rushed to the scene and actually got their hands and feet dirty assisting the people affected.

Although the hurricane and its damage are not resolved, we will have time to see if Trump can get his act together and hopefully provide the aid and support needed for this disastrous occurrence. Let’s hope that Trump and his Republican Party won’t again deny the money and services needed to address the damages.

Hurricane Harvey is one of the largest natural disasters to affect the nation to date, and my heart goes out to all of the residents of Texas, and anyone who has family and/or friends there. I encourage everyone to donate to Red Cross, https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-harvey. It takes only a few minutes, and even a donation as little as one dollar can buy someone the college student’s staple, ramen. Victims of Hurricane Harvey need our help, so let’s stand together as a community and show our support.