Indie Band TOPS Comes to Urban Lounge

By Alina Hansen

Indie rock band TOPS is coming to Salt Lake City on September 15. TOPS is currently on their U.S. tour promoting their latest album “Sugar at the Gate” which was released on June 2. The band TOPS was created by Jane Penny (Vocals) and David Carriere (Guitar) in 2011 after the disbandment of “Silly Kisser”. TOPS is a crucial band from Arbutus Records, founded in Montreal. Arbutus Records is responsible for giving audiences other notable bands such as “Grimes”, “Braids” and “Doldrums”.

“Sugar at the Gate” is the band’s third album featuring popular tracks such as “Petals” and “Further” (Spotify). The sound of TOPS is a blend of indie guitars and drums, mesmerizing vocals and smooth infectious rhythms. TOPS is highlighted by the vocals of Jane Penny and David Carriere’s guitar, which are perfectly supported by Riley Fleck on drums and Tom Gillies on bass. TOPS third album title, “Sugar at the Gate”, refers to orgasm which has overlapping meanings with also “…carrot chasing, gatekeeping and the social contract.” says

The lyrics on “Sugar at the Gate” are hypnotic and catchy. In the song “Petals” the lyrics echo feelings of loneliness and yearning “…got a phone full of numbers/and a list full of names/no one to call/not much to say…”. “Petals” is a notable track on the album that oozes with sexual undertones hinting at the album’s reference of orgasm. The music video for “Petals” is retro in style and concept, showing people dressed up as significant figures in music history like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince at a house party while Jane Penny sings donning glittery eyeshadow and an outfit reminiscent of the 1970’s. “Petals” is a song that demonstrates TOPS ability to create music with smooth beats and groovy rhythms, which are perfectly topped by Jane Penny’s soft magical voice.

TOPS is performing with supporting bands “She Devils” and “Goldmyth” on September 15 in Salt Lake City at the Urban Lounge. This shoe is 21+. Tickets are available for purchase at