Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

By Madge Slack

Let’s face it. There are many people in the world who don’t love art. It is not their idea of a fantastic night to go to a gallery opening and stare at multi-colored blobs blown up on a seven-foot canvas. And we all know people who would rather do calculus homework than go to a Shakespeare play. However, if you are one of the people who say they don’t care about art, you are lying. You don’t realize it though, so it’s okay.

Look at it this way. Do you ever go on Facebook or Instagram? Have you ever watched a commercial because it was entertaining or picked up a bottle of wine because its label was intriguing? Those are all types of art. Designers, writers, voice actors and other artists create those things. Logos, slogans, car commercials and even the cars themselves are influenced by artists, and you are bound to like at least of few of those things. So how does this play into dating?

Well, dating is a delicate balance of being yourself and also being interesting. So while you are trying to think of interesting dates, don’t think that being artsy means you have to go to a museum or a gallery. For example, the zoo is a perfect date. It is always hosting events and building larger-than-life displays, and if your date isn’t into things like giant lego animals or animatronic bugs, they can look at the adorable animals. If that doesn’t sound fun to them, then find a more adventurous date.

Hogle Zoo has perfectly choreographed bird shows, beautifully designed enclosures and it is always hosting new exhibits. For example, the zoo currently has gigantic animatronic bugs everywhere. By gigantic, I mean spiders with legs the height of an adult male. The bugs move and make noises, too. The exhibit is called Bugzillas, and it is most definitely an artistic and mechanical feat.

Now at this point you may be thinking that the zoo is a place for kids, and you’re wondering if you might feel a little out of place. However, it has adult nights, too. If you are over 21, you can get tickets to Zoo Brew and Winos for Wildlife. Both are charity events that benefit animals on the extinction list. Tickets are $14.95 for Zoo Brew. The events start at 6:30 p.m. and are (obviously) adults only. You can get drinks and enjoy the zoo without the screaming children or strollers.

Learning about animals is fun and easy. The zookeepers walk around on and off duty with fun facts and tips. You can get to know your date by talking about childhood zoo memories (because what kid didn’t love the zoo?) and comparing your zoo animal knowledge to your date’s. It’s a lovely way to get out and get moving so you don’t feel glued to a chair. Maybe you can even get up the guts to hold hands or have a movie moment and offer your date your jacket. It’s a perfect date for all different times of year. In winter, Hogle Zoo even decorates the place with lights just like Temple Square.

So if you feel like art is boring, get creative and think of somewhere to go like the zoo. It is easy to look up the dates and times of the next adult activity, and tickets are cheap enough to swing two without stress. Parking is free and not as hectic as going downtown. Plus, penguins make a great ice breaker.

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