TOPS Brings Groovy Rhythms and Catchy Lyrics to Urban Lounge

By Alina Hansen

TOPS, an indie-rock band, played at Urban Lounge on September 15th. TOPS is on their American tour for their latest album “Sugar at the Gate”. The band’s name ‘TOPS’ references orgasm and their music possesses groovy rhythms and catchy song lyrics with an overwhelming sense of yearning while being slightly reminiscent of 1970’s rock. They recently headlined a show at Urban Lounge with supporting bands Goldmyth and She Devils.

Doors opened at 8 p.m., and a few people filtered in and sipped on a few cold ones, while hanging out as Goldmyth did their soundcheck on stage. A little after 9 p.m. Goldmyth played their thirty minute set. Goldmyth’s music is like a wave of emotion, supported by a deep throbbing pulse. The She Devils came on about twenty minutes after 10 p.m., a duo that synthesizes electronic music sample mixtures and vocals. TOPS began their set ten minutes after 11 p.m.

The audience was here for TOPS, it was apparent from the time TOPS walked on stage and took their places, to the applause at the end of the show. Lively and professional, TOPS appeared comfortable on stage, often talking to each other through their microphones casually laughing and joking. At one point vocalist Jane Penny, donning a blouse similar to one from the “Petals” music video, asked other band members “How many times have you been to Salt Lake City?”, with every response, the audience responded with whistles and applause. Each song performed was precise and demonstrated the bands experience. The audience danced and hollered with excitement, clapping and cheering after the end of each song. TOPS played a 50 minute set ending with their latest hit song “Petals” off of their newest album “Sugar at the Gate”, a final jolt for the audience that perfectly ended the night.