Skerryvore Gives Bagpipes New Sound

By Madge Slack

If you find Scottish men attractive, but not their bagpipes, then I have the perfect activity for you. Skerryvore is Scottish band of eight guys. They do use bagpipes in their music, but they are by no means traditional.

Skerryvore is a kaleidoscope of rock, pop and traditional Scottish music. The band members credit their unique musical blend to their varied origins: all eight band members hail from different parts of Scotland. Their band name comes from the Skerryvore lighthouse on the Isle of Tiree, which is the tallest lighthouse in Scotland. Just like the lighthouse, the band is rising to great heights.

The band has compiled an impressive list of accomplishment’s since their inception in 2005. In 2011 and 2016 they won the “Live Act of the Year” award at the Scottish Traditional Music Awards. They have played in over 25 countries worldwide. They have released 6 albums, and even have songs that have topped the iTunes World Music Chart.

For their tenth anniversary, Skerryvore released their latest album, “Decade.” The band was so popular by this point that the accompanying show sold out 3,000 seats in 90 minutes. The band then increased the ticket number to 6,000. 

Skerryvore recently released their latest single, “Live Forever,” which hit No. 1 on the iTunes World Music chart. Their Live Forever Tour spans 6 countries with 70 shows, and one of them is in Utah. Skerryvore will perform at the State Room on Oct. 5. Doors open at 7 pm. The venue is 21+, so if you are of age, don’t miss this one. Be sure to check out their website; these guys are talented, fun and have great accents. 

Skerryvore will release their next album in 2018, and a tour is sure to follow.