Tei Shi Soars to the Top with First Album

By Alina Hansen

Tei Shi is an R&B pop artist who injects smooth soulful vocals into simplistic catchy beats that leave audiences craving more. “Tei Shi” is an alias for Valerie Teicher, a New York City-based artist who was born in Buenos Aires and grew up in Bogota, Colombia and Vancouver. After a series of critically acclaimed performances while on tour with band MØ, Tei Shi released her full-length album Crawl Space which received enthusiastic praise. She was recognized in The New York Times as one of the “30 Under 30” artists and Billboard ranked Crawl Space as one of the “Top 50 Albums of 2017 So Far.”

Crawl Space shows the artist spreading her wings and fully encompassing her musical talents. A notable aspect is its snippet tracks of a young girl learning how to record music throughout the album. This added effect brings Tei Shi’s music closer to home, while possibly reflecting on Tei Shi’s own personal experiences. It connects with the kid inside all of us, remembering our first attempts to do something amazing. The track “Keep Running” has an infectious beat that pulls listeners in and invites them to ride out the song and the album with Tei Shi’s sweet whispering vocals. Tracks such as “Baby,” “How Far” and “Say You Do” take listeners on a journey through a warm velvety world that can be fitting for hot summer days or rainy autumn ones.

“Justify” and the six tracks that follow mark the beginning of the end of the album. These tracks explore the possibilities within music by using simple rhythms and beats as the foundation for vocals that reach from the ground to the heavens. Tei Shi’s voice is the main instrument that connects all the working parts within each song. She elevates and highlights the lyrics from quiet romantic murmurs to crystal clear vibrancy that echoes back into the listener’s own experiences. This can be seen in the two tracks “Como Si” and “Crawl” which are back to back on the album and display the range that can be found throughout Crawl Space. This album is for those with a love for groovy pop tunes that have a deep foundation in R&B, a perfect synthesis which can be considered the essence of 2017.

Tei Shi will be performing on Monday, October 23rd at Kilby Court at 7.P.M. with supporting act Twelve’Len. All ages welcome. Tickets are $15/ADV or $17/DOS and can be purchased on http://www.kilbycourt.com/event/1515311-tei-shi-salt-lake-city/