Halloween Haunted House Attractions

By Alina Hansen

Utah is home to some of the most popular and highly renowned haunted house attractions in America. We’ve highlighted three locations

that offer a unique spin on the traditional haunted house, making them each one-of-a-kind terrifying experiences for a variety of audiences. These attractions provide full disclaimers and rules for all guests, and waiver forms are sometimes required. Most of these attractions are running until the end of the first week of November, so choose your scare and enjoy some Halloween fun.

Castle of Chaos

Located in Midvale, Utah, Castle of Chaos is unique in that it is Utah’s
only underground haunted house. It offers three different attractions to choose from: the Haunted House, Chaos Mysteries and Chaos Escape Rooms. A selection of four levels of fear is offered. Each level determines just how close the monsters can get to you.

The Haunted House’s theme centers on vampires, with a throwback to a 1920s dance party with enough fangs and fears for all. Chaos Escape Rooms is a terrifying, hour-long experience that allows for you and up to nine of your friends to choose which room (Asylum, Serial Killer or Pirate’s Booty) to try to escape from. The Chaos Mysteries is a Mystery Theater that allows guests to interact with characters, investigate and solve a mystery. Unfortunately, this event will not be available until November. Castle of Chaos also offers guests the ability to reserve party rooms and purchase tickets for large groups, giving you and all of your friends the ability to have your own Halloween event. It is required that all guests sign a waiver form.

Castle of Chaos is located at 7980 State Street in Midvale. Ticket prices vary depending on which experience is chosen, starting at $20 for single admission.

Fear Factory

Near the heart of downtown Salt Lake City is Fear Factory. This attraction has a disturbing past, which adds to its persona as Salt Lake’s only “haunted” haunted house. This attraction occupies an old cement factory that was built

in the late 1800s. There are numerous stories of workers who have accidentally met their death while working in this factory, such as George Howe, who was slowly but consciously pulled into a coal crusher by his sleeve — a gruesome, brutal death. Howe’s death was one of many, each death as gory and disturbing as the last. In the end, the factory closed. Various businesses passed through it, but none were successful. The factory was abandoned until 2010 when the creators of Fear Factory bought it and developed their own business running on terror and screams. Creepily enough, the address of Fear Factory is on 666 West, which adds to its reputation alongside the rumors and paranormal investigations of its possible ghost infested walls.

Fear Factory is located at 666 West and 800 South. Ticket prices range from $25 for general admission on weekdays to $60 for group packages. There is a free Zombie Bus that picks up and drops off guests at the south end of The Gateway while the attraction is running. Dates and times vary.

Nightmare on 13th

One of the top-rated haunted houses in the United States is Nightmare on 13th, and it is located only a few miles south of downtown Salt Lake City. It has been operating for 28 years, and it offers a new special theme every season. It is remarkable for the highly professional level of effects and details including makeup, costume, sets and performance. This year, the Nightmare Courtyard marks the entrance and is themed after “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” with

Dark Harvest. A particularly appropriate addition is Pennywise, the trademark murderous clown who haunts the sewers.

Nightmare on 13th is located at 320 West and 1300 South in Salt Lake City. Tickets range in price from $25 to $35 and can be purchased online. Coupons are available at participating 7-Eleven’s. Dates and times vary.

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