All Hallows Eve: Do You Have The Spells it Takes?

By Madge Slack

Have you ever wondered why Halloween exists? All Hallows Eve is the night before Nov. 1 which is also known as the Samhain, which marks the second harvest and the coming of winter. It is the start of the Celtic new year and one of three druidic holidays. The druids believed that all light came out of the darkness and therefore the darkest months of the year were the start of the year, the darkness progressing once more towards the light.

But what is Halloween actually for? In the Celtic tradition, the “other world” exists on the same plane as our own. It is just nicer, filled with riches, beautiful music and gorgeous people who never age and often have magic. On the night before Samhain, the veils between the worlds grow thin and time freezes, allowing all wandering souls to roam free between worlds as they wish. The people were already scared enough of the fae and their changelings throughout the year, and now all the souls and spirits were free during this time. But what do they do about it?

There are two approaches to celebrating All Hallows Eve. The first is that of the laypeople (the muggles), and the second is that of the druids (the witches). If you are layperson — which most of you probably are — you carve pumpkins with frightening faces to scare off the spirits. Not all spirits are bad though, so you also leave food on the porch or bury apples along the road to help the spirits on their journey. Lastly, you burn a candle in the window so the dead would know you were thinking of them.

If you are a witch, you party, and not the college kind of party. This is the strip completely naked and leave your home to run in the woods under the moonlight with your fellows kind of party. Alcohol is necessary and probably laced with hallucinogens. Sounds fun, right? If you wake up with a little blood on you the next day, don’t worry too much about it.

So which will you be this year: a witch or a muggle? If you are a muggle, don’t forget your pumpkin or candy offering to the ghouls who might stop by. For the muggles, I suggest picking up an obsidian or black onyx and lining all exits with salt. Here is a simple salt protection spell:

Salt of the Earth, Guard this home,

While I’m here, or When I roam.

Keep it safe, and all within,

For good of all, the bond begins.

By my will, with harm to none,

By earth power, this spell is done.

If you are a witch, be prepared to face some evils — and maybe even succumb to them. Enjoy your night of revelry but do not forget the creed or the Goddess. I suggest a moonstone to keep you in touch with higher energies and connected to the Goddess. Perhaps it would serve best as a protection amulet to keep you from drinking too much or stumbling into the wrong house. You know where to look. Blessed Be.