Christmas in Color: A Festive Holiday Drive-In

By Madge Slack

Drive-in movies are a great time. You sneak food inside by hiding it in your car, tickets are like $10 so it’s way cheaper than the movies now-a-days and you get to cuddle in the back with your special someone. Just don’t go on a super cold night — or do and bring a heavy wool blanket. Now wouldn’t it just be swell if there was a Christmas version? Lots of drive-ins do a Christmas movie special, but remember what I said about the cold night? December tends to be a cold month here in Utah. So we would need a shorter, but still festive, Christmas car activity that combines all the spirit of the season without freezing everyone to death. 

Well, it’s your lucky day. Christmas in Color opened on Nov. 24 — it’s a magical festive light display that you can enjoy from the warmth of your car. And don’t worry they have two locations so one is bound to be near you or the University of Utah, as it were.

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Christmas in Color is a drive through extravaganza of festive tomfoolery. They have constructed a display of over 1.5 million LED lights timed to Christmas music. There are massive tunnels that dance and sparkle, Christmas trees 35 feet high and a singing snowman larger than a man. Plus, you can do it all with the radio on and your heat blasting. You could even bring hot chocolate. It won’t take the two hours a movie would, but with over seven hundred feet of tunnels it’s an enjoyable evening activity that won’t be over in a hurry.

Arches leap, trees sing and snowmen talk — what could be more Christmas than that? If you become a member you can also go to the Midway Ice Castles. Christmas in Color has two locations: one in Provo and one in South Jordan. The show takes about 30 minutes which is more than enough time for that cocoa. They are open only in the evenings, as it has to be dark for them to turn on the lights. Monday through Thursday they shine from 5.30 p.m.-10 p.m. and tickets are $25. On Friday and Saturday they are open 5.30 p.m.-11 p.m. and tickets are $30. They prefer you purchase tickets in advance from the website, but you can get tickets at the door as well — but the Friday and Saturday tickets increase to $35. And the best part? They are offering U students a 15 percent discount. It can be redeemed online with the discount code UTESINCOLOR for either location.