College Glory to NFL Success: Saban Should Follow Former College Coaches Footsteps


By David O

On Monday, Alabama football head coach Nick Saban led the Crimson Tide to its fifth national championship title with him at the helm. The 66-year-old is undeniably a legend in the college football arena. He has established prowess as a premiere gridiron strategist to the extent that undefeated seasons and championship titles seem almost inevitable for his Alabama football empire.

Is this even fair?

Saban has pretty much mastered the art of coaching and recruiting. He knows college football like the back of his hand. These are his ABC’s, his life and what he breathes. Others were born to paint, write or sculpt, but Saban was born to coach. He has constantly proven himself worthy of glory and his 127-20 record proves that. Many football fanatics view him as a hero, while some view him as a demigod.

What weighs heavy on the minds of football fans nationwide is if Saban will return to the NFL. There’s no denying that Saban has the ability to restore failing teams to reigning glory. It is his specialty, seeing as he has done so in the SEC for the past decade.

In an article published by bleacherreport, Jaguars running back and Louisiana State University alumni Leonard Fournette said, “[The NFL is] a lot slower than I really thought. … playing in the SEC that kind of helped me a lot.”

While at LSU, Fournette played in Alabama versus LSU rivalry games. Given Fournette’s testimony, it is a no-brainer that the NFL is a place Saban could prove himself worthy of dominating.

So what’s keeping Saban from returning to the NFL? Saban’s career as an NFL head coach wasn’t as decorated or prestigious as his preceeding collegiate career. In the 32 games he coached, he went 15-17. His quasi-controversial departure was simply tailored towards living his dream. Arguably, Saban has lived his dream and more, judging from his lofty resume spanning over a decade. There is no doubt the NFL needs Saban back.

Nobody understands football the way Saban does. Over the years spent at Alabama, he and his staff have curated a roster of world-class athletes from all over the nation, most of which have gone on to play pro. NFL fans have fantasized the prospects of their favorite college athletes being drafted by their favorite teams but they rarely measure the true compatibility between that player and the team. Saban understands such chemistry on a deeper level seeing that he spent a decade strategizing and playing against college football’s greatest teams and players. His knowledge would undeniably be a valuable asset to any team at the next level.

The NFL is no stranger to former college coaches. For instance, Jim Harbaugh, who coached the Stanford Cardinal from 2007-10, returned to coaching in the NFL for the San Francisco 49ers the following year. In his time as head coach, he led the 49ers to three playoff appearances, including the Super Bowl 47 showdown against his brother, John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens and a former college coach as well.

If Saban were to make the move from college to the next level similar to others, he is poised to make a great impact. Saban will be one to remember for decades, a gridiron renaissance man.

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