Williams: Predicting A Great Year


By Brook Williams

Why is it that everyone I talk to about 2018 seems to be extremely optimistic about this year? Is it because 2017 felt like the eye of the storm and now maybe the waters are calming down? I’m sure we all hope so. But for whatever reason, there seems to be a light-hearted, hopeful and vivacious attitude towards the upcoming year.

Years seem to go by fast these days. Since we haven’t gotten much older, the reason for such seemingly fleeting years could be due to the consistent stream of bad news that polluted 2016 and 2017. The activity of news in politics, crime, tragedy and technology was so hyperactive it became overwhelming to a lot of people.

Now, although it’s only been a short time since Jan. 1, the main news stories so far have been rather innocent compared to the past couple years. In fact, one of the most newsworthy things so far has been President Trump’s 2018 tweets, which, though annoying, have actually provided some comic relief. Did we think they could get any worse? No. But did they? Absolutely. At least this time around they’ve created more laughs than shouts and agitation.

Aside from Trump, there are a few other things getting us excited for this year. One of them is the Olympics. These games will happen in PyeongChang, South Korea, for two weeks in February. Watching the Olympics with friends and family is both exciting and memorable, and with the games only happening every four years, they’re even more special. So look forward to that, and get ready to cheer for the U.S. of A.

Something else that will be sure to color your 2018 is all of the new music and media that’s expected to come out. The second half of 2017 was exceptional, and I think many people are excited to carry that into 2018. With the public’s fascination and open-mindedness growing thanks to advancements in technology and trends, all forms of media are heightening their productions. Some people are nervous about the progress, but there’s no denying the slight anticipation and curiosity in the air to see where this year will take us. From music to shows to movies, expectations are high, and I’m sure they’ll be met.

The public’s voice has also been immensely helpful in setting 2018 up for a good year. The hard work and productivity underlying the movements of 2017 seem to be getting us somewhere. Of course, hardly anything is fully resolved, but the many outcries and protests seem to be awakening opportunities for solutions. Now, more than ever, people’s eyes have been opened to the amount of sexual misconduct flowing through our culture, the abundance of fake news, government control and the horrors of gun violence. And hopefully, thanks to the dedication of many voices, it seems like we’re on track to create positive change.

Hopefully, 2018 will be the year of at least some resolution. And hopefully, no matter what comes our way, we will all focus on the beautiful things this world has to offer. There will always be a lot going on, even a lot to criticize, but that doesn’t change the fact that we still have a vast, beautiful nature to explore, inspiring music to access and the freedom to practice our religions and different cultural customs without fear. We can create and recognize beautiful things every day. So regardless of what’s to come — what we don’t necessarily have control over — let’s look forward to making 2018 a year of love and appreciation amidst the conflict and hate that so easily can bring us down.

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