Williams: Begin 2018 With A Music Festival


By Brook Williams

Music festivals are a beautiful way to celebrate life. Everyone in their 20’s should experience at least one. The vibrant colors of the lights, the music that echoes through the crowd and the energy of the blissful people around you make the experience absolutely euphoric. Music festivals can provide a new way to enjoy and experience the world. After every festival I have been to, the positive energy and positive people lingered for weeks after.

I started my year by going to a music festival, and let me tell you, it was the perfect way to merge into 2018. They’re a great place to meet people with your same tastes in music, make connections and share your life with others. Everyone is willing to listen, connect and share a piece of their mind. Not only will you leave the concert half deaf from the music, but you will also leave with a different perspective on life.

The unifying feeling that people receive at festivals or concerts alike is one that has been around for decades. Music festivals can, in a sense, take you back in time. For example, Woodstock was one of the biggest, most monumental music festivals ever and many festivals now have attempted to mirror the feeling and atmosphere of Woodstock.

A common argument against participating in festivals is that the drug scene is outstandingly high. It is true that many people are under the influence, but that doesn’t mean it has to affect your experience. For the most part, people under the influence at festivals are harmless and responsible. They can even be the nicest, most giving people there.

The mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 scared many people away from going to music events. A friend of mine named Zack attended the music carnival that Tyler the Creator created called Camp Flog Gnaw. He said the concert happened soon after the Las Vegas shooting and explained that many people could’ve been afraid or paranoid. Instead, everyone seemed to display a more intense appreciation for life and other people. “It was almost as though the Vegas shooting was tangible. You could feel that it happened in the air, but there was no tension. There became an unspoken middle finger to the evil that occurred at the Vegas shooting and a stronger love for everyone who got to share and enjoy Camp Flog Gnaw together.”

The best way to maximize your festival experience is to be prepared. You need to drink lots of water and stay rested. Festivals vary from 110-degree weather to below zero and in the snow. Regardless of the weather, it will be a great experience. Don’t forget to wear your best, most comfortable and colorful outfit. The better you feel about how you look and the comfier you are, the easier it’ll be for you to let go and enjoy.

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