Dining Services Makes Changes to Food Court


By Claudia Robles

The University of Utah’s dining services has made changes to the food court in the A. Ray Olpin Union Building over the last five weeks.

Since before the semester began, areas of the cafeteria have been blocked off and covered with plastic in order to make necessary repairs.

Dining services decided to improve the 20-year-old ventilation system for a number of reasons, including cleanliness and safety. The ventilators control air flow in the kitchen. As a result of the upgrade, it is expected that airflow will increase and the system will operate more efficiently.

“The food court is operating at about 30 percent during construction,” said Shannon Shultz Mohyuddin, Senior Dining Director, during the project. “So we are open.”

Due to the limited space and ongoing disruption in the cafeteria, students and staff have found themselves looking for new places to eat lunch. Popular options include food trucks and additional dining service locations on campus.

During construction due to the ventilators, additional upgrades have been made. One of the less-noticeable changes is a change in lighting. Old lights have been replaced with more efficient LEDs. The changes are positive, but students, staff and faculty alike look forward to the completion of construction.


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