Top Ten Boy Band Songs of All Time


By Justin Adams

So I have a confession to make. I love boy band music. I guess you can say they’re my guilty pleasure. I can already feel your judgement through the internet. You know what, I don’t even care. I’m just going to pop on my headphones and tune out the haters while I listen to the top ten boy band songs of all time.

10. FACE by Brockhampton

With the first pick on the list, I’m going with something a little less conventional. Brockhampton is an up-and-coming boy band, so they may not be as well known as the Backstreet Boys or One Direction, but after releasing three albums in 2017, the young group is bound to start showing up on people’s radars more often.

9. GUMMY by Brockhampton

What?! Another Brockhampton song? Yeah, well there’s not a whole lot of boy bands, so there’s going to be some repeat appearances on this list.

8. LAMB by Brockhampton

Okay, this is the last one. I just want you to appreciate the musical versatility of these guys so I had to include this song where they go for a totally different sound and feel. Also, aren’t they just freaking adorable?

7. BOOGIE by Brockhampton

I lied. There’s more Brockhampton. Honestly I can’t promise this won’t be the last one. After all, they are the best boy band since One Direction.

6. JUNKY by Brockhampton

Okay, I might be a little bit of a Brockhampton fan-boy. I mean, I may or may not have just taken a “Which Brockhampton Member Are You” quiz on Buzzfeed. (I’m Joba, by the way.)

5. FIGHT by Brockhampton

I just want to remind you that these guys made THREE ALBUMS in ONE YEAR.

4. SWEET by Brockhamton

At this point you might be thinking, “This guy is stupid. He’s just doing songs from one band.” To that I say, “Don’t call me stupid. That ain’t the way my name pronounce.”

3. STUPID by Brockhampton

Wow. If you’re still reading this and watching all the videos, then I’d like to congratulate you on discovering the best boy band of all time.

2. GOLD by Brockhampton

Me llamo Justin y le amo Brockhampton.

  1. STAR by Brockhampton

This is it. The #1 greatest boy band song of all time. It’s basically the Shawn Mendes of songs.