UTA Makes Changes to Schedules


Adam Fondren

Transportation in and and around the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 (Photo by Adam Fondren | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Claudia Robles

April 4, 2018, Salt Lake City, UT—UTA has announced new changes taking place Sunday, April 8 that will affect many commuters including University of Utah students and staff.

Due to federally mandated implementations, UTA will adjust their Frontrunner schedule. In order to do this, UTA will have to make scheduling adjustments throughout their system which will in result affect all TRAX and nearly all bus schedules.

Through implementing Positive Train Control (PTC), trains are to stop at designated locations which helps them from reaching excessive speeds as well as entering unauthorized portion of track. Implementing his federally required safety system will cause FrontRunner to take more time to travel between Provo and Ogden. Changing bus routes and all three TRAX lines will allow coordination with the FrontRunner schedules.

How to get help figuring out new schedules:

  • Contact UTA on Twitter at @RideUTA
  • Call customer service at 801-RIDE-UTA (743-3882)

Salt Lake County Changes:

  • Changes are made to Routes 2,2X,3,6,11,21,33,35,35M,39,41,45,47,54,62,72,200,201,205,213,217,220,227,228, 232, 240,500,513,516,519,520, 525,526, and 551
  • Route 21 will add a westbound evening trip
  • Route 209 will add a northbound morning trip, thus eliminating a northbound evening trip
  • Route 307 has been shorted

Utah County Changes:

  • Changes are made to Routes 809,821,830,838, and 850 to align with FrontRunner’s schedule
  • Routes 805, 806,807,831,841 and 862 will change to help alleviate congestion at Utah Valley University
  • Route 811 will change to align with TRAX connections
  • A trip will be eliminated form route 833
  • Route 834 will extend service to the Orem City Center
  • Route 840 will end service for the summer upon UVU’s finals conclude
  • Route 863 will change to accommodate the FrontRunner schedule and serve a new area
  • Route 864 will offer new service west of Thanksgiving Point.

Weber, Davis, Box Elder County Changes:

  • Routes 455, 473, 603,604,612,613,616,625,626,627,630,650 and 667 will change
  • Route 630 (6:35 am)southbound trip will end service at the Ogden Transit Center due to low ridership. It will no longer serve Weber State University.
  • Route 470 will serve the Lagoon Campground on Sundays and Ogden’s Midtown Clinic Saturdays and Sundays

Those who are in need of further assistance in planning their trip can refer to UTA’s Trip Planner and Customer Service Department as well as with additional information on the UTA website.