What Are You Wearing This Summer?


(Photo by: Justin Prather / Daily Utah Chronicle).

By Madge Slack

Are fanny packs really back? I, for one, certainly hope not. I don’t care if they have rebranded themselves as “belt bags.” To me, they will always be the neon lump hanging around my mother’s waist. I suppose they are convenient, but so is a cross body bag. Sadly, fashion often fails to follow style. 

Luckily, this summer possesses trends which are as appealing as fanny packs are horrifying. According to Elle, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, this summer is going to be sparkly, subdued and conservative. Wait, what? 

Let me explain: shiny swimsuits with metallic finishes are in. You can throw out your teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. This summer loves high-waisted bottoms and one-pieces. Both are concealing and comfortable with no worries of losing your top wakeboarding. Thank goodness! Swimsuits are cuter than ever now with cutouts and crochet. While the one-piece seems like a conservative choice, however, you may find it reveals more than your bikini on today’s runway. Plus, Vogue is sporting one-pieces with underwire so curvalicious girls can receive the support they need.

If you aren’t planning on swimming in our land-locked state you still can’t forget your crochet. There’s nothing better to give you beachy vibes without a beach in sight. Crochet tops, bottoms, bikinis and bags are all in vogue this year. Enjoy its retro feel and vintage, hipster style as you sunbathe by the pool. 

Another clothing trend this summer is sequins. I know, not hipster at all. It’s okay, let your inner beauty sparkle with a radiant top or a super fun skirt. Bazar is all about it. Don’t forget to pair light pastels with your sparkle to really shine. 

As for accessories, seashells and floppy hats are all well and good, but what you really need is a straw bag according to Elle. Never fear, you can still add your own unique flair with flowers, patterns and tufts. So accessorize to the max. 

Shine this summer through fashion trends, or don’t, and just be yourself. Either way, we love the buzz fun fashion brings to our briney shores. Happy summer, and remember, all summer trends pair well with water and a lack of fanny packs.

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