Pink Drinks of Summer

By Madge Slack

It’s getting hot this summer. What’s better to cool you down than some super sweet hydrating cocktails? For those over the age of 21, sipping pretty by the pool is one of the ultimate pleasures that summer has to offer. But what to drink? This can be a major issue when Old Fashioneds are out of date and White Russian’s just don’t do so well in the heat. For those who are ready to embrace their poolside vibes, and are old enough to drink, pink drinks are all the rage.

Now, the first thing you are going to say is that pink drinks are girly. Yes, they are. Take a note from the ladies boys: pink drinks are sweet, pretty and fun. You usually can’t taste the alcohol and you look good in your insta photos. You can sit in the corner with your ugly brown whiskey and pretend the hot liquid feels good burning its way down your throat. We will be happily chilling out with our beauty beverages. Oh, and pink drinks are all made with local liquor. Utah’s got to shop local to preserve our hipster vibe, so swing by the liquor store and grab a bottle for a summer of pink.

Pineapple Popsicle

This is my absolute favorite drink this season, partly because I got to meet Kid Curry, the creator, himself. He is quite the striking man, with jade green eyes and a taste for the delicious. His cocktail is just as unique, made with Kid Curry Caramel Vanilla Vodka. This stuff is so good you can drink it straight, but for a summer flair try it in a cocktail. Add a shot of the vodka to three ounces of pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine. Then pour over a glass chock-full of ice and enjoy.

Hive Raspberry Wine

When cocktails sound like too much, or if you just can’t bring yourself to mix things, grab a bottle from Hive. Located in Layton, they have a whole series of non-grape wines. I’m talking honey, blackberry, raspberry and many more. My favorite is theirs is raspberry peach wine, even though you can’t get it at local liquor stores. Nevertheless, you can also take a break from the sun and go tour their location for their special options. Their wines also have fun names such as Liquid Sunshine, Zion Curtain and Sister Wives. So grab a few bottles and lower the Zion Curtain in the Liquid Sunshine with your Sister Wives for a yummy summer afternoon.

Pink Bikini

Now, this one just sounds like a poolside party! Mix equal parts raspberry lemonade and Amaretto with some rum. I recommend Sugarhouse light rum, a little closer to home than the wines. Just be careful — the rum tends to blend into your drink rather well, and you don’t want to topple into the pool.

These are just a few coolers to soothe your sunburned soul. Be sure to drink water alongside them, particularly if you get sunburned, and don’t forget to enjoy your days as they tick away towards the start of the semester.

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