What the Club?


Curtis Lin

Student organization offices around the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City, UT on Wednesday June 27, 2018. (Photo by Curtis Lin/ Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Palak Jayswal, Arts Editor

It’s a piece of advice you heard throughout high school and will continue to hear during college — get involved in as many activities and clubs as possible. At the University of Utah, there are many options for involvement depending on where your interests lie. If you’ve ever been part of a team or organization, you know that the feeling of camaraderie that comes with it is not something you can attain anywhere else. I amonly featuring three clubs here at the U, but it’s not a stretch to say that every organization we have on campus provides the perfect opportunity for a sense of community.

The Bennion Center is well-known on campus. Its mission is to “foster lifelong service and civic participation by engaging the university with the greater community in action, change, and learning,” according to the center’s website.  Through innovation and collaboration, the Bennion Center leads volunteering tasks throughout the country, the state and on campus. The center features a program called the First Year Service Corps, designed specifically for first-year students. It brings together students of all majors and backgrounds to do service projects in the community and get to know leaders in the Bennion Center and around the state. This program requires an application which you can find at bennioncenter.org/forms. It is due Aug. 24, so plan accordingly.

Chances are that if you are coming to the U from out of state, the weather was a big influence on your decision. Utah is home to beautiful scenery, not to mention the “greatest snow on earth.” That’s why clubs such as One Love Ski and Snowboard are so popular here. The icing on the cake with this club is that anyone can join, no matter your experience level in snow sports. The only requirement is to be a full-time student — which includes undergraduate students who are taking 12 or more credits. The cost of membership is $5 and t-shirts and beanies are $5 if you choose to purchase them. This club isn’t only about hitting the slopes, it also holds movie nights and tailgate parties. Check out how to join on its website, uofuonelove.com.

One of the clubs at the U which exemplifies and fosters unity and togetherness is the Union Programming Council (UPC). It’s held in the heart of the Student Union building where there isn’t just food and bowling, but offices for many activities and programs on campus. The UPC helps run several of the events that take place at the Union, such as Crimson Nights. Austin Matsuura is a director on the UPC board and has been part of the club since his freshman year at the U. He has a lot to say about the organization which has become his “home away from home.”

“We are made up of six different boards, highlighting different aspects of campus,” Matsuura said. “The boards include Community Service, Marketing, Development, Crimson Nights, Freshman Ambassador Board and Art & Special events. Students should consider joining UPC because there is so much opportunity and because of the family environment our organization runs on. Opportunities include raising money for the union scholarship, various marketing techniques to apply to your job/career,  providing fun and engaging events and help develop freshman into future leaders of the University of Utah.”

Learn more about the UPC on its website, union.utah.edu/events-entertainment/union-programming-council/home.

It takes time to adjust to the college environment, but hopefully, this article has highlighted some clubs that can help you through your transition. Personally, my favorite organization is The Utah Chronicle — I’m biased, obviously. There’s something for everyone at the U, you just have to be willing to look for it. A parting piece of advice for you — don’t be afraid to ask a professor or fellow student if they know about any activities. If a certain class interests you, there’s a good chance there is an activity or club related to it. Good luck, and I hope you find your place here at the U.

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