Better Than Solitaire

By Palak Jayswal, Arts Editor

 Have you ever played a game that is risque and generally inappropriate? If you’re aware of the popular game “Cards Against Humanity,” then you know exactly what I’m talking about. This politically incorrect icon is a gold mine for broke college students in particular. Once you buy the card game for the first time, you don’t have to pay to play again and it provides endless amounts of fun. The only problem is having to lug the box everywhere you go. “Evil Apples” is the on-the-go cure for this problem.

“Evil Apples” is a gaming app. It follows the same rules as “Cards Against Humanity,” but you’re able to carry it in your pocket. “Evil Apples” has unique features which makes it the perfect game to keep you and your friends laughing throughout the day.

There are several ways to begin a game. You can choose to play with players nearby using a GPS feature or you can invite your friends to join via text, Twitter or Facebook with a link. The only requirement is there must be at least three players to start a game. Everyone gets a chance to be the “judge” and pick the best card for whatever question is posed. The first person to have their card picked seven times wins the game. Unlike the traditional “Cards Against Humanity,”  “Evil Apples” doesn’t have a single card deck to draw from. “Evil Apples” has a shop, appropriately entitled “Evil Shop” where users can buy different themed answer decks, from Marvel to Expansion Packs. You can purchase these decks with the coins and cakes you rack up, the currency in the world of “Evil Apples.” Every time you win a round you get five coins as a reward and when you win an entire game you get one cake. There are also several daily opportunities for players to earn cakes and coins.

The best feature of “Evil Apples” is the wild card. When you are dealt your set of answer cards, there’s an option at the end where you can create your own card. You can type any answer to the question posed for only seven coins. Most players use this feature to their advantage, especially when playing with friends because they can pander their way to a win. The app also has an interactive chat feature so you can talk to (or yell at) your friends while playing.

Like any app, “Evil Apples” does have its downfalls. Sometimes the app glitches and you get kicked out of the game. It’s also a fast-paced game, so if a certain player gets caught up and isn’t able to answer, it holds everyone up. The app is spectacular for the most part, however. You can snooze those players who are taking too long and it’s incredibly interactive and personalized. It’s a great way to connect with friends near or far to play a game of not-so-civil cards.

As an active user of “Evil Apples,” I give the app five stars. It helps create memories and jokes in an age where digital friendships and connectivity is at its peak. Most of all, it takes the stress out of our daily lives and gives us something to laugh about.

You can download “Evil Apples” on your device from iTunes or Google Play.

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