Sweater Weather: Dressing for the Season


Courtesy of Pixabay

By Adelina Whitten


We wait all year for the brief time between summer and winter. Perfect weather, delightful food and drink and a necessary fashion shift all illustrate our favorite chilly season. Let’s face it, we all love revamping our clothing for the changing temperature. Fashionable fall clothing is variable each year, but our need for comfort and warmth remains the same. Jackets and sweaters are sound additions to our wardrobes during the cold autumn months. Here are some options you might want to consider while shopping for the season.

Smell the Rain
When the sky goes dark and the smell of the Great Salt Lake is pertinent in the air, we know we’re in trouble. As winter approaches, precipitation rises and we are left soaking wet if dressed inappropriately. Rain Jackets are an easy solution to this dilemma. There are jackets out there made specifically to repel the rain and keep your person dry. Plus, there’s no need to worry about a bad hair day — rain jackets typically come equipped with a hood. Moreover, raincoats are seasonally versatile. Look forward to saving some cash during the annual spring showers.

Direct the Wind the Other Way, Please
Wind is an infuriating obstacle we all must face regularly, especially on our mountainous campus. Luckily, there are jackets specifically designed to combat the nuisance. They are called windbreakers and they are a lifesaver. They’re specially tailored to counter wind chill and light rainfall. Plus, windbreakers are produced with thin fabrics to ultimately keep the jacket lightweight. These are a 2-in-1 deal, where both wind and rain are repelled. Pretty neat.

A Vest For the Season
I understand not everyone wants to rely on a long sleeve jacket to keep them warm. Lucky for them, there’s this little thing called a vest. No, I’m not talking about the leather accessory worn in old western movies. I’m talking about an insulated coat, just without the arms. Vests are perfect for days which aren’t warm enough a long sleeve t-shirt, but aren’t cold enough to wear a fully functioning coat. Vests will keep your body just warm enough to do fun outdoor activities, like a hayride through a pumpkin patch. Plus, vests are tremendously flexible since there aren’t any sleeves to battle.

No, Not An Actual Turtle
When I was younger, a turtleneck sweater was something I would avoid wearing at all costs. Now, turtlenecks are fashionable and desired during fall. Basically every store will have one of these lying about somewhere, so accessibility isn’t a problem. I know it’s difficult to wear something you resented for most of your life, but I think it’s time for a much needed change. Not only are turtlenecks a fashionable choice, but they’re also one of the only options to keep your neck warm. I recommend trying one in the upcoming months. Who knows, you might just like it.

Grab Your Cardi
Schmidt from “New Girl” once said, “This is a cardigan gold mine.” He might’ve been talking about a store, but there is plethora of this simple sweater during autumn as well. Cardigans are my favorite part about cold weather, because there are so many different types. No matter what the weather is, there’s a cardigan for it. The best part is wrapping an oversized one around yourself and using it as a blanket. Seriously, go out and try it, it’ll probably become your new favorite thing.

Hoodie Weather
The most common attire you’ll see during fall is also the simplest. Hoodie’s are extremely comfortable, super thick and are sure to keep you warm. Hoodies have, as the name suggests, a hood to protect your head. While they won’t protect you from precipitation, they will insulate your body heat. Plus, hoodies are easy to throw on when you’re rushing to a class that started 10 minutes ago. Hoodies are relatively cheap, but they’re also free if you take one from your significant other’s closet. It’s not proven fact or anything, but our partner’s hoodies are remarkably better than our own.

What you decide to wear is up to you, but the options are infinite. Whether it’s windy, rainy or just plain cold, there’s a jacket or sweater out there calling your name. In the end, it’s all about you. It sounds a little conceited, I know — however, what you choose to wear in the next couple months should make you feel comfortable and happy. Always remember, how you feel is just as important as the current fashion trend. Now, get out there and embrace the crisp autumn air.

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