U Gamers Organize 24 Hour Gaming Marathon for Primary Children’s


Extra Life is the foundation partnered with the gamers. Courtesy of Extra Life's Instagram, @extralife4kids.

By Claudia Robles


Local gamers will meet to play video games for 24 hours for a beneficial cause.

These local gamers, the DigiWuts, will be gathering Friday, Nov. 2 and Saturday, Nov. 3 to host an annual gaming marathon where they will raise money for Primary Children’s hospital. The challenge is to play non-stop for 24 hours. E-Sports, tabletop tournaments, virtual reality games, a silent auction, blood drive, prizes and food are scheduled into the event.

DigiWuts is a small group of local gamers who in their spare time record videos and upload them to their YouTube channel as a hobby. However, they now use that hobby to bring awareness to their viewers of what good this marathon can do locally and around the world. This year marks the fourth traditional year the DigiWuts will be raising money by playing games in Utah. The idea stemmed from donating $10 to find an excuse to play video games all day and is now a passionate endeavor.

Member of DigiWuts Guy Warner is hopeful of reaching the $15,000 goal this year, “We hope to exceed our goal of raising $15,000 this year and expanding how many members we have playing and raising money. Really, any outcome is just doing more for the kids over at Primary Children’s.”

The team has currently raised $2,570 and on track to reach their goal. Throughout the years, they have raised over $5,000. One highlight from the event is that kids from the hospital are being bused down and joining in on the event Saturday.

Extra Life is a charity that was established in 2008 that unites gamers all around the world to play video games and hold marathons like these in order to raise money and support local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, such as Primary Children’s. Since their beginning, they’ve been able to raise more than $40 million for those children in need. DigiWuts has partnered with them to make the charities possible in past years.

Primary Children’s Hospital is the only full-service pediatric facility in the Intermountain area that treats more than 80,000 children each year. Patients from Utah, southeastern Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada are treated with some of the best medical care available, regardless of their ability to pay. Primary Children’s Hospital is ranked among one of the best children’s hospitals in the U.S.

Most member participants have personal ties to this charity. Warner, in particular, recalls why he participates, “All of our participants have their own reasons as to why this is important for them. For me, it’s personal as my daughter suffered a head injury and had to be admitted there when she was really young. The care and love my daughter received from the doctors and nurses and the comfort and understanding they provided us was something I will always be grateful for and doing Extra Life every year is just a small way I can pay them back.”

Those who are interested in joining the DigiWuts team or in donating can visit their website.

“We invite everyone to either donate what they can (tax-deductible) or join us in raising money for PCH,” Warner said.

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