Step Into Childhood with “Pinkalicious the Musical”


Fiona Hannan in Salt Lake Acting Company’s “Pinkalicious the Musical” (dav.d daniels/ dav.d photography)

By Adelina Whitten


The first snowfall means different things to everyone, but we can all agree it’s a most wondrous time. The season lights the path for a few of our favorite things — Christmas, holiday sweaters and astonishing musical productions. Salt Lake Acting Company hosts crowd-pleasers regularly, and this winter will be no different. SLAC’s 10th annual children’s production is bound to be a hit. Based on the children’s book by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann, “Pinkalicious the Musical” is about a little girl named Pinkalicious Pinkerton whose love of pink cupcakes lands her into trouble. In the musical adaptation, Pinkalicious’s family, best friend Alison and Dr. Wink teach her about eating healthy and staying true to herself.

Penelope Caywood, Artistic Director of the University of Utah Children’s Theatre, directs “Pinkalicious the Musical” as her 9th children’s production with SLAC. The cast, which includes both SLAC newcomers and alumni, features Fiona Hannan, Seth Foster, Micki Martinez, Shannon Musgrave and Alexis Baigue. Caywood has all good things to say about the group of actors.

Micki Martinez, Fiona Hannan, Shannon Musgrave, Alexis Baigue, and Seth Foster in Salt Lake Acting Company’s “Pinkalicious the Musical” (dav.d daniels/ dav.d photography)

“The cast is … so wonderful. They are playful and honest and kind on stage and off,” she said. “I think that you can feel that in their performances.”

Not everything is smooth sailing in the theater, despite having such an amazing cast. Challenges face the crew in any and every production. Grown-ups portraying children, as well as characters appealing to both children and adults, were a few of those problems in “Pinkalicious the Musical,” according to Caywood. For cast members like Hannan, challenges came in the form of their own character portrayal.

Seth Foster, Alexis Baigue, Fiona Hannan, and Shannon Musgrave in Salt Lake Acting Company’s “Pinkalicious the Musical” (dav.d daniels/ dav.d photography)

“The biggest challenge in playing Pinkalicious has been navigating the duality of her rambunctious nature and her more ‘serious’ side. I think it’s common for adults to view children as simple-minded, one-dimensional people at first glance, myself included,” she said. “So although she’s wacky and fun, it is equally important for me to honor the reality of her world. She experiences some very real, complex emotions throughout the story.”

The cast and crew of “Pinkalicious the Musical” overcame the struggles, and have left rehearsals with nothing but excitement for the upcoming show days. Cast members like Hannan look forward to presenting the children’s story to viewers of all ages.

Alexis Baigue, Seth Foster, Shannon Musgrave, and Fiona Hannan in Salt Lake Acting Company’s “Pinkalicious the Musical” (dav.d daniels/ dav.d photography)

“Although ‘Pinkalicious the Musical’ is geared toward kids, it can be enjoyed by all family members,” she said. “I guarantee that anyone who sees the show will leave the theater with a warm heart and a smile on their face, regardless of their age or their opinion on the color pink.”

In addition to the production, SLAC has partnered with The King’s English Bookshop to produce a pop-up “Pinkalicious” store. Keep an eye out for the shop when you see “Pinkalicious” before the new year.

“Pinkalicious the Musical” runs from Nov. 30 until Dec. 30 in the Upstairs Theatre at the Salt Lake Acting Company. It will show on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. There will be additional performances Friday, Nov. 30 at 7 p.m., Friday, Dec. 21 at 7 p.m. and Wednesday through Friday from Dec. 26-28 at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. Tickets cost $26 for adults and $16 for children. They can be purchased online here, or through SLAC’s box office at (801) 363-7522.

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