“Pinkalicious” is Visually Captivating and Adorable


Courtesy Salt Lake Acting Company

By Hannah Keating, Arts Editor

Familiar holiday jingles now ring through every store, the glow of the neighborhood’s lights reflect across the snow and the air carries the undeniably festive smell of pine trees. Garb and decor fall into one distinct color palette, seen in the red holly and green ivy or silver and gold bells. Christmas is here.

There is one color outside of the holiday standard, however, that is more important in encapsulating the spirit of joy and togetherness. Undeniably filled with life, it is gaining on the greens and beating the blues. This year, Salt Lake Acting Company is thinking in pink with their production of “Pinkalicious the Musical.”

Adapted from the popular children’s books, the story follows the Pinkerton family and their daughter Pinkalicious (Fiona Hannan) who, after eating too many pink cupcakes, develops a severe case of “pinkititis” and faces the grim reality of having to eat green foods.

From left to right, Shannon Musgrave, Fiona Hannan and Seth Foster. Courtesy Salt Lake Acting Company

Despite the initial connotation of a children’s show, the talent of the individual performers and their work as an ensemble blew me away. Hannan, in the titular role, brings a two-dimensional pink-loving character to life as so vibrant and mischievous that you can’t help but love her. A perfect foil in the shadow of his sister, Seth Foster’s performance as Peter, Pinkalicious’s brother, is heartbreakingly believable. His acting is both supportive and stand-out. The Pinkerton parents are filled with the presentational energy of parenthood through the eyes of a child, expertly played by SLAC alumni Shannon Musgrave and Alexis Bague. Rounding out the tight-knit cast of five is Micki Martinez, boldly tackling both the tap-dancing Dr. Wink and quirky-best-friend Alison.

As a show tailored to kids and their families, the entire performance is spectacularly engaging. Immediately, the audience is encouraged to clap along and contribute to Pinkalicious’s story. Additionally, every moment of the show is designed to be visually captivating. The sets are pulled straight from a storybook, with cartoon-like angles and colors. Set in and around the set are the eye-catching prop pieces, from glittering pink cupcakes to larger-than-life green vegetables. Falling in with the magic of the world, the costume design is incredible. In the talk-back after the show, even I was just as curious as the kids in the audience who inquired just how the five actors were able to complete their dozens of quick changes. On top of it all, the pinkish hues in the lights and the special effects of glitter and bubbles was just icing on the cupcake.

From left to right, Seth Green, Alexis Baigue, Shannon Musgrave and Fiona Hannan. Courtesy Salt Lake Acting Company

Of course, a show for children won’t appeal to everyone. But, even if you choose not to see it, “Pinkalicious” is a show worth supporting. As their 10th annual children’s production, this SLAC show is devoted to the kids in this community, whether they are theater lovers or newcomers. The lobby boasts an Angel Tree and a donation table, all benefiting elementary school students and the Title 1 Arts Education Program. SLAC’s decade-old holiday tradition began for this reason — using theater as a tool for education and promotion in the lives of those who need it most.

Pinkalicious runs at Salt Lake Acting Company through Dec. 30th on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. with a few additional performances. Tickets can be purchased through tickets.saltlakeactingcomapny.org or by calling the box office at 801-363-7522. Adults pay $26 and children pay $16, with discounts for groups of 10 or more.

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