Freshman Dre’Una Edwards Steps Up


Cass Palor

DRE’UNA EDWARDS (44) takes the ball to the hoop as The University of Utah Lady Utes take on Brigham Young University at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturaday, Dec. 8, 2018 (Photo by Cassandra Palor | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Leilani Gastelum


This season the Utes introduced freshman wing Dre’Una Edwards. Edwards has had great performances so far this season and has let the Utes know they made the right decision signing her on their team.

On Nov. 21, the Utes went against Eastern Washington where Edwards led the team right along with Megan Huff. Both girls finished off the game with 19 points.

“Dre has been doing great, answering all of the challenges we have thrown at her,” said associate head coach, Gavin Peterson. “One, playing out of position. She is a lot undersized for the Pac-12, but she is definitely tough strong and effective in utilizing her skills. She has been doing a tremendous job for us.”

One thing Utah loves about Edwards is her unique abilities she has on the court. The coaches have been playing her all around the court to see what Edwards can really do.

“Her versatility,” Peterson said. “She is athletic, she is strong, she has perimeter skills and she is not afraid to mix it up inside as well.”

DRE’UNA EDWARDS (44) helps teammate DRU GYLTEN (10) as The University of Utah Lady Utes take on Brigham Young University at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturaday, Dec. 8, 2018 (Photo by Cassandra Palor | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Edwards was named the Pac-12 Freshman of the Week twice in a row earlier this season. This was the first time Utah has received back to back recognitions and the seventh overall Freshman of the Week honor.

“It is a big honor,” Edwards said. “I’m glad I’m here, and I am glad I’m getting a lot of playing time. I’m just happy that I’m able to execute and work on the court and do everything I can as a freshman coming in.”

Edwards came from a large family with the love of basketball. Specifically, her oldest brother Andre Edwards has been a big influence on her as a person and player.

“My oldest brother, Andre Edwards,” Edwards said. “He is the most influential person ever. He had a rough time and has made a lot of mistakes, but he is just keeping his head on his path and just making sure that he gets what he needs done.”

Off the court Edwards has always been an outgoing and bubbly person. She is always making her teammates laugh when she gets the chance.

“She is a comedian,” Peterson said. “If she doesn’t play professionally somewhere when she’s done here at Utah I know a microphone somewhere in Vegas is waiting for her, because the kid is a riot. We love having her around, it’s just fun. I think our whole freshman group combined with the kids we have on the team, it’s just a fun group to be around.”

Utah is excited to keep her on the team for the years to come. Starting off her freshman year as such a strong player, the Utes are eager to see what else Edwards is capable of.

“I think she just gives us as a coaching staff, a lot of versatility so we can come up with creative ways on how to utilize her. That’s the fun side of coaching, trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and she is a very unique individual in a good sense. Having her and being able to work with her for the next three years, I’m excited to see the growth of her game, her maturity and just where she can take her game,” Peterson said.

This year Edwards has big goals of making the Pac-12 tournament and being the teammate that her team needs her to be.

“This year I just want to make the Pac-12 tournament with my team and just have a lot of fun. I want to do what I can on the court and off the court to make my team better.”

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