A Starving Student Artist’s Ticket to Theater


Students participate in the Camille Litalien master class, courtesy Salt Lake Acting Company.

By Abigail Raasch, Arts Writer


As students with low incomes and high expenses, it can be difficult to afford luxuries like movie or concert tickets. Even with discounts or rush tickets at theaters, going to multiple shows can add up quickly. Salt Lake City does manage to support college students who love the arts, though. Many of the local theaters and performance venues in the area try to create student discount deals, ultimately allowing students the opportunity to attend art events for more student-friendly prices. But one of the best deals currently available is the “Starving Student Artist Pass” offered by the Salt Lake Acting Company (SLAC).

SLAC’s Community Engagement and Development Manager, Cassie Stokes-Wylie explained, “SLAC created the Starving Student Artist Pass because we believe seeing professional theater is an integral part of a theater artist’s education. The best way to ensure that opportunity is to offer the lowest possible ticket price and create flexibility in scheduling to accommodate the busy life of a student.” This program was created to give theatre connoisseurs and aspiring artists the opportunity to attend professional theatre on a regular basis without needing to worry about paying the average $30 for a ticket.

“The Starving Student Artist Pass is $32 for our four-show season, which breaks down to $8 per play. For students who would like to include Saturday’s Voyeur, the total is $43,” Stokes-Wylie said. “Theater students can join at any point, but in order to take advantage of the entire season which begins in September, we recommend getting your pass between May and August.” SLAC works with students to reserve a ticket for any performance, excluding opening night — all you need to do is call the box office ahead of time and claim your ticket. Here is the best part: SLAC understands that student schedules constantly change and a student artist needs to be extremely flexible. So, SLAC offers “free exchanges, so if you have a conflict we are happy to get you into another performance,” Stokes-Wylie said.

In addition to the discount tickets, students can now participate in what Stokes-Wylie described as “free master classes with professional theater makers both in and outside of Utah.” This past weekend, SLAC brought in Camille Litalien, a Movement Teacher from the Michael Chekhov School of Acting. Those with the pass had the opportunity to attend this amazing, and rare, workshop.

If you are a starving student artist just yearning for more theater opportunities and connections, don’t pass up this opportunity that SLAC is providing. Even if it is just to see more theater, this is an incredible deal, but to have the workshops offered and available is even more phenomenal. As Executive Artistic Director of SLAC, Cynthia Fleming said at this past master class, “Our goal is to provide you with something different from what you receive at school.” This pass allows you to add to your theater education and theater contacts outside of the University of Utah. Join whenever and never leave.

For more information visit www.saltlakeactingcompany.org/education.

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