The Band CAMINO Brings Candid and Optimistic Indie Pop to SLC


Photo by Kate Button | The Daily Utah Chronicle

By Kate Button, Arts Writer, Copy Editor

Going to a concert on a Tuesday night might not seem like a typical choice — especially for college students in the middle of midterms — but this did not stop The Band CAMINO from taking to the stage of the Complex on Oct. 1 in front of a sold-out crowd.

Self-described as “your mom’s favorite band,” The Band CAMINO lit up the stage with their alternative indie music, high-energy pop anthems and even a few emotionally vulnerable slow jams. Throughout the night, the crowd danced, sang and jumped in unison as The Band CAMINO played every song off of their latest ep, “tryhard,” along with a few throwback hits. 

Photo by Kate Button I The Daily Utah Chronicle
(Photo by Kate Button | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

The night at the Complex kicked off even before the first opener, Valley, took to the stage. The swarm of concert-goers packed into the venue, and everyone was already so excited for the show that the house music received incredible attention. Notably, every single individual in the crowd appeared to be singing and dancing along as “Stacy’s Mom” was piped in over the speakers. 

Once Valley hit the stage, the crowd went wild for this relatively small alternative pop band from Toronto. Valley just released their debut album, “Maybe,” on Sept. 17, but the crowd was already familiar with their entire discography. Valley brought a fun and relaxed energy that only grew as their pop-synth tracks and optimistic lyrics enveloped the audience. 

The night’s fun continued even in the break between sets, and crowd members near the front of the stage and towards the back all appeared to sing along to the house music that somehow flowed from “Truth Hurts” to “Malibu” to “Bananaphone.” Yet, eventually, the audience’s anticipation was relieved as The Band CAMINO stepped onto the stage. Immediately, the crowd rushed forward and prepared to dance their hearts out over the course of the night. 

Photo by Kate Button I The Daily Utah Chronicle
(Photo by Kate Button | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

The Band CAMINO’s pop optimism and dedication to collaboration and connection were abundantly clear over the course of the night. They effectively balanced a setlist that flowed from sentimental and slower songs to their more upbeat and alternative rock tracks. 

While I had previously seen The Band CAMINO in concert this year, their show at the Complex demonstrated that they are consistently strong live performers. From the entire concert, my favorite moment happened as lead singer Jeffrey Jordan introduced the song, “Farsighted.” This song confronts the idea behind when “you’re told to be yourself, but you’re not sure who that is.” Not only are the instrumentals behind the track strong and enticing, but the lyrics are incredibly vulnerable as they describe, “I can’t find myself, Got lost in the middle, now I feel like someone else.”

The Band CAMINO’s concert was incredibly powerful as their vulnerability shined through both the upbeat and slower songs. Throughout the night, it was clear to see that everyone was there to simply have a fun time, listen to some good music and dance around for a while.

In a similarly candid moment, Jordan spoke to the crowd about the importance of attending live music events: “We’re all just the same, we’re here singing the same words and dancing next to people we don’t know, but we are all here to listen to some good f***ing music.”


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