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The Chronicle’s Opinion Desk has endorsed Rebecca Hardenbrook’s ticket for ASUU President. Her running mates are Devon Cantwell and Carlos Craig. (Courtesy Rebecca Hardenbrook)

Hardenbrook Ticket

Rebecca Hardenbrook is a Ph.D. student in mathematics, and is running alongside Devon Cantwell and Carlos Craig.

Hardenbrook has spent the last six years at the U and said she has learned about how issues for undergraduate and graduate students differ and intersect. “Although the student experience is different in many ways between undergrads and grads, a lot of their biggest concerns — safety on campus, campus sustainability, affordable eating options, to name a few — are the same,” she said.

Hardenbrook’s campaign is focused on “increasing power and agency for students” in a variety of ways. “While we will have power to create meaningful changes on campus, our insight, time, and capacity is limited. We want to build a coalition of organizations that will give students the power to advocate for and enact change,” Hardenbrook said. 

The primary issue on this ticket is campus safety. Their more direct solutions regard campus lighting and improving policies in the University police department, but developing “long-term, comprehensive habits,” is also a focus for the Hardenbrook ticket. Sustainable light bulbs, changing campus culture and increasing funding for resources such as the Center for Student Wellness are “a bit less direct” but still necessary. “Safety is the biggest issue we want to focus on because it is so comprehensive and connected,” Hardenbrook said.

They also want to improve campus sustainability and accessibility for both visible and invisible disabilities on campus. 

Hardenbrook has served as co-chair of the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference and created the Youth Climate Compact, co-founded the Salt Lake County Air Quality Commission and authored a resolution in ASUU “on the issue of fossil fuel divestment and strategic reinvestment.” She serves on the Academic Senate Executive Committee and is part of the new U pedestrian and safety working group to safeguard students and their methods of transportation.