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Kaden Madson (center) is running with Chandler Blount (left) and Delaney Horchover (right). (Courtesy Kaden Madson)

Madson Ticket

Update: The Madson ticket has been disqualified from this election cycle for failing to complete “the orientation for all Executive candidates” and “the mandatory diversity education” requirements by their respective deadlines as outlined in the Executive 2019-2020 Candidate Packet.

Kaden Madson is a junior studying political science who is running with Delaney Horchover and Chandler Blount. Madson is running a campaign centered around advocacy. 

“There will be no student concern, thought or praise that goes unnoticed. Right now, students are concerned with safety and fired-up about parking. As the Student Body President, it will be made very clear to the administration where students fall on those issues,” Madson said.

Another key part of his platform is focused on parking and lack of parking spaces on campus. He said too often students buy an expensive parking pass then have nowhere to park, have to pay for parking again and often end up late for class. 

Madson plans to sit down with university officials and develop a full parking reform. Part of that plan would include freezing the yearly price of parking permits and making changes to the parking map. 

Additionally, Madson believes the reputation of ASUU needs help, as he said it is seen as a “do nothing” organization. “I want to work to change that perspective. I want to allow more students to get involved in every way possible and increase opportunities for campus engagement,” Madson said. “We should all have the same opportunities to take leadership positions and influence how we spend our money.” 

Madson is dedicated to hearing the voice of every student and believes everyone should have access and a voice in student government. “We must not make it harder to get quality students to participate in our student government and shape the way that we will move forward,” he said. 

Madson has served as the Senator of Undergraduate Studies and a member of the Government Relations Board.