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Walker Nasser (left) is running with Emmalee Egelund (center) and Makena Pekarek (right). (Courtesy Walker Nasser)

Nasser Ticket

Walker Nasser, a third-year student studying psychology and sociology, is running with Emalee Egelund and Makena Pekarek as his vice presidents. Nasser said he is running because he believes  students need to be heard and “have a community here.”

“Whether that be by bringing artists to campus that we love or arguing in Academic Senate for a student resolution, I want to make sure that we have a voice and a home on campus,” Nasser said in an email interview. 

The Nasser ticket platform is centered around fostering a community by furthering student engagement on campus and working with students to find out what they really want. 

As a student at the U, Nasser has been involved as the Interfraternity Council President, Phi Delta Theta’s Scholarship Chair, a volunteer with the Bennion Center and a psychiatric technician at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute. He has also been the Assistant Coordinator of Volunteers for the Utah Pride Festival and Parade planning committee. “All of these experiences have taught me that the best way to make a change within a community is to seize an opportunity to guide the campus community unified in deciding its future,” Nasser said.

For many issues on campus, Nasser said he’ll address them through unifying the student population and working towards a common goal. “I believe that the campus community has become too disconnected. This disconnection, in my opinion, makes improving the overall campus an uphill challenge as students spend more time arguing with one another instead of uniting,” he said.  

Additionally, Nasser believes the U should focus on promoting safe sex practices. “Reality is that students on campus have sex, and the state overall focuses on abstinence-based education, which means a number of students do not receive a proper education,” he said.