DIY Projects Perfect for the Summer


DIY projects are a great way to fill up your extra time during the summer season. (Courtesy Pexels)

By Gabrielle Klinge, Arts Writer


Summer is an exciting time for everyone as the warm weather draws us out of the house and into the welcoming sunshine. Sometimes this season is so thrilling that we don’t even know what to do first. Here are some simple and entertaining ideas that can keep you busy at home throughout the summer months. 

Popsicle Stick Bucket List

This is a more spontaneous version of a summer bucket list. Collect between 10 to 20 popsicle sticks — one can either buy these at a local craft store or eat a box of popsicles to obtain the sticks. Write a favorite summer activity on each of the popsicle sticks and place them in a mason jar. Randomly select one of the popsicle sticks out of the jar whenever there are no plans for the day. Set each stick aside after completion so that each activity may be experienced.


Pot Painting

Next up is the classic painting pots activity. Find some old terra-cotta pots in the garage, or buy some at the nearest department store for this project. Also, grab some acrylic paint and paintbrushes while you are out. Set up camp in the backyard and let the creative juices flow while you decorate the pots. Mix and match the patterns and designs, along with the sizes of the pots, to give your backyard or kitchen sink some variety. After the paint has dried, go out and buy your favorite flowers and a bag of dirt, then let your green thumb do its thing.


Paper Lanterns

This project might require a little extra patience, but the results will be magical. That’s right, you’re going to make some paper lanterns. Find some sturdy — and colorful — 8.5 by 11.5-inch paper. Grab a stapler and a flameless candle while you’re at it. Take the piece of paper and cut one inch off the shorter side, then set it aside — this will be the handle of the lantern. Fold the leftover piece of paper in half horizontally, or hamburger-style, whichever name suits you best. Cut slits in the paper, making sure that they are around one inch apart with a one-inch margin at the top and bottom of the page. Unfold the paper and roll it into a tube, stapling the top and bottom together. Find the strip of paper that was initially cut off and staple it to the top of the lantern, creating a makeshift handle. Cut a circle out of another sheet of paper and staple it to the bottom of the lantern. Place the candle inside the lantern and hang it wherever you please.


Chalk Art

Play it old school for this last one and go find some chalk. Pick a comfortable place in your driveway or on the sidewalk and let your inner child go to work. Draw whatever comes to mind and don’t forget that you are never too old for hopscotch.


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