Marriott Library Continues to Provide Services to Students and Faculty During Closure


J. Willard Marriott Library in Salt Lake City, UT on Wednesday May 23, 2018. (Photo by Curtis Lin | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Megan McKellar, News Writer

Although the Marriott Library’s doors are physically closed, the library has continued to provide a variety of services to students and faculty.  

“Whether you need a laptop, hotspot, book, you can connect with us and we will send one to your home–wherever you happen to be,” said Ian Godfrey, assistant dean of the Marriott Library. 

The library is wrapping and sending packages out across the country – and world – every Friday, and has delivered over 100 packages to the homes of students and faculty. Patrons have also been connected to electronic copies of books. Librarians and service desk staff work online, and are available to answer questions, provide research assistance, and help with library accountsIn addition, the library is also purchasing e-books for Summer and Fall Reserve to help students who don’t have access to print materials.  

One of our primary goals is to support the learning and research pursuits of our students and faculty. We want our patrons to know that wherever they are, the library services are open and available to you, but in modified ways,” Godfrey said. 

Casey Mullen, a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology has been one of many utilizing the library’s services. She first reached out for guidance from the library regarding features for an online class she will teach for the first time this fall.  

Dale [Larsen] and other librarians were able to assist me with all of my inquiries, and also left the door of communication open for me to continue to ask for their support,” Mullen said. 

Since the library’s closure, Mullen has learned to use the library’s virtual tools, such as the virtual search engine and the request for materials. 

When I have asked for help, I was sent a video, catered specifically to me and my inquiries, that showed me how to navigate the library page to find what I needed and then some… [The librarians] have a plethora of knowledge, they are dependable, and they want to help us succeed,” Mullen said. 

Samuel Mann, another student who has used the library’s online resources, has also taken advantage of the online services.

I recently submitted my thesis proposal for review. With the library being closed, if they hadn’t started home delivery, I would have had no way to access the materials that I needed to finish my proposal by the deadline,” Mann said. 

The farthest a package from the library has traveled is 7,000 miles to Dr. Amos Guiora, professor of law, who is in Israel. The book was in transit for nine days. 

Guiora said the process of having a book delivered was smooth, straightforward, and user-friendly. 

“The quick arrival of the book very much helped with a research project,” Guiora said. 

The library will begin a phased re-opening on Aug. 3. Only Level 1 will be open Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The Level 1 entrance, adjacent to the Campus Store, will be the only open entrance before fall semester begins. Level 2 will be open beginning on Aug. 17. Hours and services for fall semester will be posted by the week of Aug. 17.  

More information regarding the services offered by the Marriott Library is available on their website. 

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