Alexander: Want Life to Go Back to Normal? Vote for Biden


Justin Prather

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaks at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah Campus on Dec. 13, 2018. (Photo by: Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

By CJ Alexander, Opinion Editor


The novel coronavirus continues to bring out the best and worst in our political leadership. With a surge in outbreaks and the anticipation of a second wave of the virus, US citizens are becoming increasingly antsy about the upcoming election and the future of the nation. President Donald Trump proves time and time again that he lacks the competence to handle the COVID-19 successfully. In stark contrast, Vice President Joe Biden’s clear support of science and care for the health of others proves his loyalty to the American people. Voters who want daily life to go back to normal need to vote for Biden this fall.

Trump’s handling of the pandemic is truly eye-opening. When first told about the severity of the virus in January, Trump continuously and purposefully downplayed it, rejecting the warnings of top officials at the CDC. In February, Trump and Fox News emphasized that the virus was a Democratic hoax, shifting blame to the public and other officials when Trump could have been preparing for weeks. When March rolled around and stay-at-home orders were put in place for most states, Trump championed quick reopening and loosening social-distance guidelines. In April, as state leaders criticized fast reopenings, Trump claimed his authority was total and said that “he called the shots.” He criticized mask-wearing as trivial and even counterproductive, going against the guidance of numerous health officials. Trump’s failure to heed the warnings of public health officials and the CDC has already cost 200,000 Americans their lives. He had several opportunities to use his powers to create mask mandates, testing kits and PPE but he chose not to. His primary objective was to “not create a panic,” which lead him to repeatedly lie to the American people. Trump’s disregard for human life, in particular the lives of the people he is supposed to lead, show just how unfit he is for the presidency.

Despite the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, hope can still be found in this year’s challenger, Vice President Joe Biden. Biden recognizes Trump’s failure to contain the virus, inform the public and promptly act in the best interest of the country. That is why Biden’s campaign clearly outlines plans for reopening schools, combatting coronavirus and jumpstarting the economy. His top priorities include the health and livelihood of essential workers, teachers and students; maintaining the authority and jurisdiction of state and local officials, and following the guidelines of top health experts. “I’m saying trust the scientists,” Biden repeats time and time again while Trump undermines health officials. In addition to Biden’s promises, he also has previous experience handling the swine flu pandemic under the Obama administration. Trump claims that their handling of the swine flu pandemic was “a disaster,” but numerous officials and reports contradict that claim. Joe Biden is clearly prepared for addressing the fallout of Trump’s response to the virus. Trump’s scrambling and incoherent claims prove he is not even fit for office, let alone leading the American public during a time of crisis.

If that still isn’t enough, just take a look at how Trump and Biden have approached campaigning during COVID-19. President Donald Trump flouts CDC guidelines against large indoor-person rallies by holding packed-gatherings anyway, completely ignoring the advice and rules of state-health officials. Mask wearing is almost non-existent at these rallies and Trump seems to only care about his own safety, stating “I’m on a stage, and it’s very far away,” ensuring social distancing for himself alone. Joe Biden’s campaign rallies consist of socially-distanced outings that follow the guidelines of CDC officials and state leaders. From Zoom calls to small and masked outdoor meetings, Biden’s respect for state leaders’ decisions and the scientific community backing them demonstrates his will and regard for the American people. Trump’s clear disdain for those at his own campaign rallies highlights his dismissal of science, but Biden’s campaigning tells a much different story — it shows us what a real president would do.

Our work, school and home lives couldn’t be more drastically altered by COVID-19. On top of political and social strife, living in the US with an incompetent leader is embarrassing, tiring and frankly getting out of control. But if we want our lives to go back to normal — without the fear of the virus infecting our bodies or social circles — then there is only one clear choice for the presidential election. We have been the laughingstock of the world since March. Donald Trump’s decisions, beliefs and utterly ridiculous claims cannot represent American citizens any longer. Joe Biden’s support of science, CDC officials, health guidelines and expert opinions will help get the United States back on track. With the right choice, summer barbeques, festivities, traveling the world and daily life could all be resumed in the near-distant future.


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