Legendary EDM Duo Daft Punk Split After 28 Ground-Breaking Years


Daft Punk Concert in 2007 at Dusseldorf. (Photo by Andreas H. | Courtesy Flickr)

By Frank Gardner , Assistant Arts Editor


Famed electronic music duo Daft Punk announced their retirement in a video at the end of last month. After 28 years of revolutionizing the electronic dance music scene, their curtain has closed.


You might not recognize the names Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Usually clad in their iconic gold and silver helmets, you might not recognize their faces either. Their stage name “Daft Punk,” however, has become a globally recognizable name.

Bangalter and Homem-Christo met at school in Paris when they were only 12 years old. Long interested in music and media, the two formed their first band at age 17. Their initial music was received with mixed reactions, with one article calling their work “a daft punky thrash.

After adopting the name “Daft Punk,” the duo’s popularity grew quickly, and they released their first two albums, “Homework” and “Discovery.” Their music combined new methods in music-making and struck a chord with people looking for more upbeat, soulful EDM.

Notable Career Achievements

Awards and honors are rarely an accurate measure of a musician’s impact or influence on pop culture. However, an assessment of Daft Punk’s legacy would be incomplete without noting the staggering number of accolades and award nominations the group has received over the years.

Their first award nomination came at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards for the music video for their song “Da Funk.” Since then they have received nominations for nine MTV Europe Music Awards, one Song of the Year iHeartRadio Music Award and twelve Grammy nominations. They have received six Grammy Awards, one Best Video MTV Europe Music Award and several accolades in film including awards for Best Score or Best Music in several film festivals around the world.

Their Split and Legacy 

At 46 and 47 years old, after more than a quarter of a century of making music together, Daft Punk has called it quits. Many have taken to social media to commemorate Daft Punk’s time together with art and other tributes as well as express surprise at the split.

Daft Punk is known for a unique sound that irreversibly altered music across a range of genres. German music producer Mousse T. says that he thinks the two musicians still have more to offer: “They won’t stop now just because they don’t feel like it anymore. They’re too big of music lovers for that. I bet they already have other plans.”

So far the two have given no reason for the split but many are certain the departure from Daft Punk by the two friends was amicable. Whether or not the now-former members of Daft Punk will continue on with independent music careers remains unclear. Though their breakup proved to be a disappointment for EDM lovers and many in the music industry, Daft Punk’s legacy will surely live on for many years to come.