Utah Lacrosse Looks to Finish Season Strong


Abu Sufian Mohammad Asib

University of Utah freshman and Utes Lacrosse team attacker Jordan Hyde chases the ball during an NCAA game vs. the Jacksonville Dolphins in Salt Lake City on March 6, 2021. (Photo by Abu Asib | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Sean Overton, Sports Writer


The University of Utah lacrosse squad (4-6) is set to play their final game of the season. After a less than optimal year, with over 20,000 miles traveled, the team has finally finished the road season and is set to finish off their year on May 1 against Robert Morris of Pennsylvania (6-5).

Robert Morris certainly won’t be Utah’s easiest opponent this year, but they also won’t be the toughest. Utah topped Cleveland State 11-9 in their previous game. Robert Morris also previously played the Vikings this season, a 15-7 victory for the Colonials.

This shows that the Utes may be outmatched both offensively and defensively, but the motivation of finishing this season on a strong note may be enough for the team to have a good outing.

As for Robert Morris, they are currently on a three-game win streak and show little sign of stopping. They defeated Jacksonville 16-15 on April 3, topped Cleveland State 15-7 on April 10 and triumphed over Bucknell 8-7 on April 16.

Utah and Robert Morris’s seasons are a bit more alike than one might expect. The two teams have both faced the same five competitors this season in Bellarmine, Air Force, Virginia, Jacksonville and Cleveland State.

But as similar as their schedules have been, there has been a significant difference in their records. Robert Morris went 4-1 in those games, only losing 12-14 to Virginia. On the other side, Utah went 2-3 in those games, only defeating Bellarmine 12-7 and Cleveland State 11-9.

Utah has gone 4-6 so far this year, and the final game will determine how fans judge the season. If they win and improve to 5-6, the season will look better as the team is closer to .500, but if they fall to 4-7 the season will be seen as more of a disappointment to fans.

It is a crucial game for the team, but Utah is coming off of a good game against Cleveland State and is hoping to end this season on a strong note.

The two teams have never faced off before, but the similarity of their schedules and performances this season may be enough to predict a very competitive game on Saturday.

The Lacrosse program will be honoring Steele Headden, Harrison Nye, Jonathan Rose and Dan Tracy on Saturday. All of these players have been an integral part in building the foundation of the team and leaving a long-lasting legacy for the University of Utah Lacrosse program as well.

The hints of a highly competitive game combined with it being the last match of the season and the Lacrosse program honoring a handful of players, will make for a great day.

The game will be played on May 1 at 11 a.m. MDT. It will take place at the Ute Soccer Field and will be broadcast live on the Utah Athletics website.


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