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Fuller’s Fall Book Recommendations

October 23, 2021


As fall begins and October ushers in the Halloween season, it seems only right to spend more nights indoors reading a good book. If you’re in the market for some fall reads ranging from the Victorian vampires that inspired Dracula to modern, crime, podcast-themed novels, this is the list for you.

“The Outsider”

In “The Outsider” — Stephen King’s most recent horror offering — a creature murders children by night and a local man is arrested for the crime despite his insistence that he couldn’t have done it. The evidence proves him guilty and the monster continues to take strange new forms.

King turns horror into a mysterious thriller and brings back a beloved character from a previous series in this spine chilling read. I admit to sleeping with the light on while reading it, and to the fact that I almost didn’t finish it. If horror is your genre, this is a great read. 


For those less inclined towards outright horror, a Victorian vampire novel with undertones of homoerotic romance is a great option. “Carmilla” predates Bram Stoker’s Dracula by 26 years and is — in my opinion — severely underrated.

Not only is Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s prose captivating and beautiful, but so is the strange relationship between Laura and her mysterious house guest, Carmilla.

I was enthralled by the premise of subtle seduction and romance between a woman and a female vampire within a Victorian text. The addition of wonderful prose and a mysterious plot made this novel especially memorable. 

“Serpent & Dove”

A fall book recommendation list isn’t complete without one monster, ghoul or incredibly fascinating witch — enter Shelby Mahurin’s debut novel “Serpent & Dove.” The magic system is incredible and the different types of witches are as unique and varied as the individual characters.

With a few tropes of the modern fiction genre, a lot of religious angst and plenty of spooky, witchy moments, this is an excellent read and a wonderful start to a trilogy. I was in love with Mahurin’s ability to create such well-rounded characters and the quintessential witch vibes that this novel gave off. 


If true crime podcasts are of interest to you, Courtney Summers’ “Sadie” is the perfect fall read. Told partially in the format of a true crime podcast and partially from Sadie’s own perspective, the novel is a mystery from beginning to end.

The search for a missing girl was enough to keep me on the edge of my seat, but it was the glimpse into her experiences and the muddled moments between that kept me turning the page. I found myself crying as the details of Sadie’s disappearance and life were revealed. This book should be approached with caution due to potentially disturbing themes of child abuse and violence.

Whether your taste in books incline you to vampires and witches or mysterious investigations, there are plenty of fall and Halloween-themed reads to choose from. These are just a few of the best books that I’ve found memorable spooky season after spooky season. 


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