Matt Maltese Loves and Laments With ‘Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow’


“Good Morning Its Now Tomorrow” album art. (Courtesy Matt Maltese)

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer


On Oct. 8, British indie musician Matt Maltese released his latest album “Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow.” This is Maltese’s third album and comes after his 2018 track “As The World Caves In” was re-released last year — earning the attention of fans and prompting a few popular covers.

The album was released shortly after the announcement of Maltese’s 2022 North America tour.

“Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow”

Maltese’s latest record includes a myriad of thematic differences from heartfelt ballads and lyrics to sorrowful laments and cynical compositions. 

The usual melancholy melodies, soft vocals and strange lyrics of Maltese’s 2019 release “Krystal” are in full effect and better than ever. Leaning into a variety of musical styles and inspirations — with a baritone sound and habit of lamentation that have earned the vocalist comparisons to Frank Sinatra — Maltese is far from a one-track musician.

Maltese uses his incredible vocal range and poetic ability to weave narratives masterfully on this record. Whether the tracks are about romantic beginnings or cynical reflections about the struggles in life, it’s no surprise that his latest album is a powerhouse of emotionally charged Indie music. 


The album starts off with “Good Morning” — a melancholy track that explores themes of living through hard times and learning to cope with mental health with the help of a friend or partner. This is a theme that Maltese explores throughout the record with the same strange humor that is typical of his earlier works.

Amid moments of crisis in the record — like those in “You Deserve An Oscar” — there are always reassurances, such as “1000 Tears Deep.” Maltese sings, “when you call me up, and you’re crying your eyes out / I just want you to know that I’m here for you / … and you’re so much more than this.”

“Oldest Trick in The Book (feat. Bedouine)” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. A bittersweet account of struggling through an uncertain romance that began with a coffee date, it’s hard not to find this track endearing and nostalgic.

“Shoe” and “Everyone Adores You (at least I do)” provide a much needed depiction of sweet and quirky romances. With their comparisons of partners as right and left shoes and a shy romantic professing feelings via the use of the word “everyone,” these tracks are endearing and fun contrasts to darker themes on the record.

The heavier themes of fading relationships and break-up conversations in “We Need To Talk” leave such an impression on me that I dare to name it my favorite track of the album.

The Verdict 

“Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow” is easily some of Maltese’s best work to date. Maltese has evolved lyrically and sonically into a maestro of modern love and loss. But he retains the qualities that make his brand of indie music so uniquely alluring. 

If moody-bedroom pop doesn’t feel moody enough or poetic lyrics and a bit of cynicism catch your interest — this album is a wonderful choice. 

Rating: 5/5 stars 


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