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Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson

2020-2021, 2021-2022

Luke Jackson is an arts writer for The Daily Utah Chronicle. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in games with a minor in creative writing. Since childhood, Luke has had a strong affinity for film and the arts. You’ll probably find him catching the latest movie or hanging out with his dog (and best friend)...

Sep 27, 2021
Sep 15, 2021
Sep 13, 2021
Sep 02, 2021
Sep 02, 2021
Sep 01, 2021
Aug 31, 2021
Aug 01, 2021
Oakley Burt is the 2020-21 arts editor.

Farewell: Oakley Burt

By Oakley Burt, Arts Editor April 27, 2021

  It’s hard for me to grasp that this is the last piece I’ll contribute to the Chronicle, that this wonderful experience is coming to an end. I’ve thought a lot about what I would write for...

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March Arts Desk Favorites

  Oakley Burt I've always been a huge fan of Marvel — the comics, characters, cinematic universe and now, their newest TV shows. This month brought a tear-jerking end to "WandaVision," a show...

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February Arts Desk Favorites

  Oakley Burt When I began reflecting on the month of February and what my arts favorite would be, I drew a blank. For me, there was nothing new or exciting that I was looking forward to being released....

Ex-Ute Jacobson looking to make roster in Cleveland

By July 7, 2004

Utah's all-time leader in three-pointers is attempting to launch shots from downtown at the next level.Nick Jacobson, the 10th-leading scorer in school history, has signed on to the Cleveland Cavaliers'...

NBA Draft Review 2004: Part 1

By June 30, 2004

In previous years, one of The Chronicle's sports writers would usually come up with an NBA Mock Draft in order to project who would be taken and when. However, this year it wasn't done for one reason:It's...

Grace Cawley, McKinley Barr and Victoria Wolfe for Storm Still. (Courtesy Todd Collins)

‘Storm Still’ Brings Shakespearean Catharsis and Tragedy to a Family Backyard

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer September 27, 2021

  In the basement beneath the grandeur Pioneer Memorial Theatre sits the cozy Babcock Theatre, a space I've come to love, where the University of Utah's Department of Theatre set up shop for their...

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The Intoxicating Kindness of ‘Ted Lasso’

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer September 15, 2021

  "Ted Lasso" was a show I never thought I’d watch let alone fall in love with. I had heard about the show primarily from the old people of the world (those over 30), so I naturally assumed...

Aint Misbehavin Cast (Courtesy of Pioneer Theatre Company)

‘Ain’t Misbehavin’’ at Pioneer Theatre Company — Utah’s Warm Reunion with Live Theatre

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer September 13, 2021

  The house lights dim and a warm wave of silence rushes over the audience. All eyes dart eagerly to the stage in collective anticipation — a sense of waiting that has lasted through each of...

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COVID-Era Arts Graduates Exemplify the Best the U has to Offer

By Luke Jackson, Arts Writer September 2, 2021

  Fear and insecurity regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to decrease. Thanks to science, life has regained some semblance of normalcy and current University of Utah students are preparing...